NH House: The public decline of Democrat Sherry Frost’s sanity

Dover Representative Sherry Frost

Yesterday, The Blaze posted another embarrassing moment in the New Hampshire Legislature thanks to Dover Democrat, Representative Sherry Frost. The woman is now becoming increasingly more insane in her rhetoric. Frost will attempt to claim it is only “hyperbole” but given her outrageous, inappropriate and unprofessional behavior since becoming a representative, that attempt should be met with contempt.

Political Buzz first became aware of Frost when she decided to publicly refer to Republican State Senators as “f*ckers” because she didn’t like the way they voted on two pieces of legislation. According to the Union Leader, even Democrat leaders Senator Jeff Woodburn and Representative Steve Shurtleff condemned her behavior. Unfortunately her atrocious behavior didn’t end there.

Frost actually complained about Granite Staters reading testimony during a committee hearing. Frost posted a copy of someone’s testimony while she was sitting in committee to complain about the person reading it. As previously pointed out, not everyone has the ability to easily summarize. No one should ever be afraid to testify because of the rude actions and condescending behavior of any elected representative.

Of course, that didn’t end Frost’s bad behavior. During another tweet storm she claimed terrorists in the United States are usually white, Christian men. Again, making a broad (unfounded) attack on the people she works with every day, including those in her own party.

Frost has also denigrated her fellow representatives on Twitter during voting sessions in the house. Apparently no one is safe from the wrath of her angry phone fingers.

Frost would better serve her constituency and the state of New Hampshire if she actually understood legislation that she is tasked, as an elected representative, to vote on.

Frost’s Twitter stream is like that of a “Freudian” hysterical housewife/modern-times keyboard warrior who doesn’t have enough valium and clearly not enough to do in the “real world” otherwise. As a New Hampshire Legislator, not only is Frost representing her constituents of Dover but she is representing the state as well. Her behavior has gone from profanity-laced outrage to man-hating to actual implications that she could potentially commit acts of violence.

Again this isn’t “hyperbole” as Frost will likely claim. It is the public decline of the sanity of someone who is highlighting her regression for the whole world to see. Unfortunately she happens to be a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Frost votes; she sits on a committee; she interacts with legislators, constituents and the public in general. It’s unclear why House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff hasn’t demanded her resignation. Is it because she’s a woman?

Male Democrat representatives have been asked to resign for outrageous social media statements in the past. Those men apologized and moved on but Frost is like the energizer-bunny on left wing crack, she just keeps going and going and going. Maybe it’s time Democrats took out her batteries before she actually incites or commits an act of violence against a fellow legislator. Her resistance to reality is real as is her propensity for violence.