NH Legislators vote against ‘Worker Freedom’ and against their constituents

NH House votes against Worker Freedom

Yesterday, Senate Bill 11 had a vote in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The bill was passed in the senate and is known as “Right to Work.” That’s actually a misnomer as it should be called “worker freedom legislation” since it stops unions from forcibly taking fees from workers who choose to be non-union. A majority, including some Republicans, voted against worker freedom by a vote of 200 to 177.

Even though there is a Republican majority in the legislature, the bill never stood a chance. Republican Speaker Shawn Jasper set the Labor Committee up with enough anti-worker freedom Republicans to essentially kill the bill out of committee. And that’s exactly what happened. On top of that, Republicans in the house also voted against worker freedom.

No one ever expects Democrats to vote for freedom. Democrats are only pro-choice and freedom when it comes to abortion and literally nothing else. Even though a majority of Granite Staters, including union members, are for Right to Work and worker freedom, all Democrats and some Republicans voted against the will of the people:

A majority of Granite Staters support Right to Work, including UNION members. Chart by UNH Survey Center

Some of the Republicans who voted against worker freedom are either former union members, current union members or have ties to unions. That’s hardly representing your constituents when you vote with your union affiliation over the people you were elected to represent. Below is a list of the Republicans who voted against worker freedom:

Bean, Philip – Hampton
Bove, Martin – Londonderry
Chase, Francis – Seabrook
Chirichiello, Brian – Derry
Crawford, Karel – Center Harbor
Doucette, Fred – Salem
Dowling, Patricia – Derry
Gauthier, Francis – Claremont
Grenier, James – Lempster
Guthrie, Joseph – Hampstead
Hopper, Gary – Weare
Janvrin, Jason – Seabrook
Katsakiores, Phyllis – Derry
Khan, Aboul – Seabrook
Klose, John – Epsom
Laware, Thomas – Charlestown
McCarthy, Michael- Nashua
McKinney, Betsy – Londonderry
Merner, Troy – Lancaster
Milz, David – Derry
Morrison, Sean – Epping
O’Connor, John – Derry
Pearson, Mark – Hampstead
Pierce, David – Goffstown
Proulx, Mark – Manchester
Scruton, Matthew – Rochester
Tilton, Rio – Seabrook
Tripp, Richard – Derry
Webb, James – Derry
Welch, David – Kingston
Willis, Brenda – Derry
Woitkun, Steven – Danville

What’s truly egregious about what happened in the house today isn’t even that the legislature voted against worker freedom but on top of that they voted for “indefinite postponement” of any other worker freedom bills to be voted on. This means that for the next two years, no worker freedom bills are allowed to be brought forth and voted on in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The unions are always chanting “this is what democracy looks like” and then hypocritically kicked democracy in the face. Some Republicans also voted for this outrageousness (all Democrats did):

Bean, Philip

Chase, Francis

Chirichiello, Brian

Crawford, Karel

Doucette, Fred

Dowling, Patricia

Gauthier, Francis

Guthrie, Joseph

Hopper, Gary

Janvrin, Jason

Katsakiores, Phyllis

Khan, Aboul

Laware, Thomas

McCarthy, Michael

McKinney, Betsy

Merner, Troy

Morrison, Sean

O’Connor, John

Proulx, Mark

Scruton, Matthew

Tilton, Rio

Webb, James

Willis, Brenda

Woitkun, Steven

Wolf, Dan

Right to Work is a piece of the economic puzzle that would make New Hampshire more attractive for business. More importantly, it is essential to protecting worker freedom in the state, freedom for both union members and non-union members. Unions absolutely despise worker freedom because they don’t want to have to work hard to be competitive for workers. In forced unionism states like New Hampshire, unions forcibly get fees from workers who have no protection from them.

What’s truly sad about the legislature’s vote against worker freedom is that workers and taxpayers in New Hampshire barely stand a chance against the big labor money funneled to politicians in the state. Many workers are too intimidated to attend hearings thanks to a very long history of union thuggery. The cycle of unions buying politicians into office continues. It’s unfortunate that they’ve managed to buy some Republicans as well when there is finally a Republican Governor who is for worker freedom. Voters should remember this during the next election cycle and vote accordingly.