NH Police Chief makes outrageous claims about Constitutional Carry

NH Democrats - lies, disruption, division - that's all they have to offer voters.

On Tuesday, in a story written by Nicholas Golden, Tuftonboro Police Chief Andrew Shagoury made some pretty outrageous claims about Senate Bill 12 (SB 12), aka “Constitutional Carry.” The exact same bill has been passed three times by the New Hampshire Legislature and has been promised to be signed into law by Governor Sununu. Shagoury never bothered testifying in person this year after humiliating himself during the hearings when the other bills that were passed. Instead, he’d rather humiliate himself, his gun control organization and his town, in writing.

The current pistol/revolver license (PRL) law has allowed people like Shagoury to discriminate against New Hampshire citizens for any reason for almost 100 years. The intent of the law was to allow government employees to discriminate against legal immigrants and those who wanted to unionize. Because the law allowed discrimination, women, LGBTQ activists, minorities and others have been denied their PRL even though they are legally able to purchase and possess firearms according to state and federal law. Anyone who is legally able to do so can already open carry without asking permission.

In the story by Golden, Shagoury says the following:

“Sex offenders will be able to carry — sexual assault is a misdemeanor, and it is not a federal or state preclusion from possessing a firearm. Stalking is another one that is a misdemeanor that will not preclude federal statute,” he said.

There are two types of sexual crimes in New Hampshire – one which is indeed a misdemeanor and felonious sexual assault. People who are convicted of this misdemeanor assault are still legally able to purchase and possess firearms according to federal law. They can already freely open carry. If one of these people was going to commit a crime and wanted to carry concealed to do so,  is Shagoury that incompetent that he believes they’ll ask permission first? If Shagoury is so concerned about these people, why hasn’t he lobbied to work on increasing the criminal penalties over the past several years? Instead, he’d rather lobby to keep a discriminatory law in place that only affects law-abiding citizens.

Shagoury also doesn’t seem to understand that SB 12 applies to the pistol/revolver law only. He seems to think, because reading comprehension must be difficult, that the word firearm applies to other statutes. He’s wrong. The legislature already schooled Democrats on this issue when it was being heard over the past few weeks.

Shagoury also outright lied on a post from the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police’s (NHACoP) Facebook page. When asked by someone why this bill was being passed so quickly, Shagoury neglected to tell the woman that it’s the exact same legislation that has been heard and passed two times previously. Apparently lying is part of the NHACoP’s mission or maybe lying is just standard for Shagoury.


Shagoury also posted false and outrageous claims from the extreme left wing organization Granite State Progress. They are an organization that is funded from out of state and who lobbies for bigger government, higher taxes and less freedom. Clearly Shagoury doesn’t believe in facts or truth; otherwise, he wouldn’t be ignorant enough to post the usual and consistent lies from this out-of-state funded organization.

What’s truly amusing and a bit disturbing is during the last hearing on Senate Bill 12, the NHACoP did submit testimony, 13 pages of it. Shagoury didn’t testify, some other chief did and literally only spoke for a couple of minutes. In their own testimony they claim “The Association does not oppose the concept of not requiring a license for concealed carry, but would prefer to have some changes to the law…”

What are the changes they would like to see (commentary is in brackets)?

Leave criteria for obtaining a license: “suitable person” [so they can continue to discriminate at will]

Require proof of training for the license

Require fingerprints and criminal record check

Require New Hampshire State Hospital to release records of those adjudicated and committed to their facility involuntarily [they can already get these records through the local gun line because they have access to local court records]

Offer the option of NICS exemption for those that voluntarily want one with greater acceptance and exemption for purchases [not quite sure exactly what this means]

Require the application be signed under oath [Shagoury doesn’t uphold his oath but he wants New Hampshire citizens to sign a pistol/revolver license application under oath?]

The NHACoP is nothing but a gun control organization. They do not represent all police chiefs in New Hampshire nor are all police chiefs members of this organization. Not only do they push gun control but Shagoury is so concerned with sexual offenders that he forgets about the police chiefs who have been accused and/or convicted of sexual assault in the state. The power of authority over pistol/revolver licenses is often in the hands of the very same people who are abusing that power. SB 12 finally ends that abuse.

Not only is Shagoury an embarrassment but so is the NHACoP. Not only did Shagoury lie during his testimony during previous hearings but he continues his lies and outrageous claims to this day. His re-posting of a call to action from an extreme left wing organization proves the man is not serving the people of his own town. Senate Bill 12 will not suddenly allow dangerous people to carry. It only affects law-abiding citizens who are legally able to purchase and possess firearms. Shagoury took an Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution. He’s trampling on it instead.