NH Senate Democrats unhinged over ‘Constitutional Carry’

The photo says it all. Photo by Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate held the vote on Senate Bill 12 (SB 12), AN ACT repealing the licensing requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver. This is the exact same bill that has been passed  twice over the past two years – Senate Bill 116 and House Bill 582 – by both the New Hampshire House and Senate yet Democrat Senators claimed it was “being rushed through.” This, of course, is completely untrue. The language of this bill hasn’t changed from the language in the first two bills every Democrat Senator voted against in the previous two sessions.

It seems the New Hampshire Senate Democrats have become even more unhinged than usual (you can listen to the audio here) . They made all kinds of insane accusations about SB 12, including Senator David Watters who rattled on in a speech claiming something about his “liberty” to know if someone is carrying a firearm and if he can’t see the firearm because a person is carrying concealed, then it’s somehow “his liberty” to know that a government employee gave that person permission to practice their 2nd Amendment right. Watters also talked about individuals giving up their rights to authority. It was quite the anti-freedom, pro-Authoritarian rant.

Senate Democrats imply all who carry concealed are criminals

The new talking point about SB 12, aka, “Constitutional Carry,” seems to be Democrats implying that all who carry concealed are criminals. Senator Lou D’Allesandro gave an overly dramatic speech in which he compared law-abiding citizens to criminals in his district. Senator Jeff Woodburn once again implied law-abiding citizens who conceal carry are criminals as did others (he first made this claim on NHPR last week). For some reason, all of the Senate Democrats believe criminals actually apply to their police chiefs to get a pistol/revolver license. It was indeed mind boggling.

Senator Dan Feltes mentioned something about gun show and internet loopholes, neither which actually exists. Watters even tried to add some crazy amendment that belongs in a Fish and Game statute. It wasn’t really clear why he tried to add it. The amendments aren’t yet available on the General Court website.

Senator Bette Lasky, who continues to try and convince people she’s “for the 2nd Amendment” actually introduced an amendment that was similar to the gun control bill also heard in the house yesterday (House Bill 201) which turns private sales and transfers into commercial sales. What it really does is turn law-abiding citizens into criminals for simply handing a firearm over to a friend at the range without a background check.  Both amendments from both Democrats failed.

Senate Democrats admit discriminatory and racist laws are okay with them

What was most disturbing was Senators Woodburn and Watters blatantly lying that they didn’t know why the pistol/revolver license law was put into place over 90 years ago. They just agreed that it must have been put into place for a good reason so it should stay. Both men are lying, over and over again throughout the entire process, they have been told (and both men were in the senate) the historical background of the current law.

The law was specifically put into place to allow the state to discriminate against minorities, unions and those who didn’t look like the white, racist and xenophobic Democrats at the time. This history is not only documented but has been provided to every Senator in New Hampshire over the past two years, Woodburn and Watters specifically. Both of these senators said they support the reasons the pistol/revolver license were put into place back in 1923. Since both senators know exactly why this law was put into place, are they finally admitting their racist and discriminatory tendencies?

New Hampshire Senate Democrats have become more unhinged than normal now that there is a Republican Governor. Not only has this exact legislation been passed in both the house and the senate, twice, but there were hearings, testimony, evidence and issues brought forward both times. There is no reason for any of these senators to be against ending abuse of  New Hampshire citizens. Even the New Hampshire Department of Safety admitted citizens are indeed abused because of this draconian law. Criminals don’t ask for permission to carry firearms concealed. Those who legally cannot possess or purchase firearms according to state or federal law will not suddenly be able to carry concealed because of this legislation.

New Hampshire Senate Democrats not only lied throughout the discussions but they painted their own law-abiding constituents as criminals. It was a sight to see and hear, one that every single voter should listen to so they understand how much disdain their own representatives in the senate have for them.  It was Republican Senators who stood up for New Hampshire citizens and specifically, Senator Jeb Bradley, the prime sponsor of the bill, who believes that Granite Staters are indeed law-abiding citizens and not criminals. These are the people who will benefit from this legislation and no longer be subject to the admitted abuse that has been allowed by Democrats for over 90 long years.