NH Women’s Foundation insults women’s intelligence on ‘Equal Pay Day’

NH Women's Foundation isn't telling the truth about Equal Pay.

By Kimberly Morin

Today is “Equal Pay Day,” the day where Democrats like to demean women across the country by telling them they aren’t worth as much as their male counterparts in the workforce. It occurs every year and every year it’s the same bogus screams from Democrats – “WOMEN AREN’T PAID EQUALLY!” Unfortunately, some women actually fall into the “ignorance” trap and believe them.

Equal Pay laws were passed in New Hampshire in 1947! Equal pay was the law in the Granite State before it was passed into law in 1963 at the federal level but they indeed exist. Anyone can sue for pay discrimination, not just women. It has been law for decades but that doesn’t stop Democrats from pretending these laws don’t exist.

You would think a women’s foundation would prefer to educate women about the truth but not so in the Granite State. The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, formerly run by hyper-partisan Democrat Terie Norelli, who was also the former speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, is perpetuating the lie that women aren’t paid equally.

This left wing organization uses statistics that have already been debunked to make claims that are false. The reports they base their false allegations work by taking all jobs held by women and comparing all jobs held by men to come to the result that women earn far less than men for the same jobs. Yes, it’s that ridiculous. In other words, they are comparing what a female daycare provider earns to what a male rocket scientist earns.

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation is comparing apples to oranges and they don’t even care that their claims are bogus. Not only is this demeaning to women but it’s egregious to continue to preach to women they are victims when indeed they are not. When all things are equal – job, experience, credentials, education and of course negotiating skills, women are often paid more than men but definitely paid equally.

They took to the Twitterverse today to promote their falsehoods, along with Senator Shaheen:

It’s a shame that a women’s organization would prefer to lie to Granite State women rather than speak the truth. Women have come a long way over the decades and it’s something to be proud of. It seems Democrats would prefer women continue to believe they are somehow victims of some perceived “patriarchy” rather than have women celebrate all they have accomplished. It’s insulting to the intelligence of New Hampshire women.