Observations of a Trump Rally in New Hampshire

Trump Rally - Photo by Kimberly Morin scraped from live feed

Last night Donald Trump held a rally at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth. The rally was held in the gymnasium with ticket check and a full Secret Service search to get in the door. The press area took up almost half of the gym but the rest of the area filled up with people jam-packed in like sardines.

There were people from all ages and walks of life in attendance. Some were hard core Trump supporters; some were there because they attend Great Bay; others were undecideds in the election and some were simply “gawkers,” there to see the celebrity from Apprentice.

During Trump’s speech he said the usual things. How he’s going to “do this and do that” but never explains how he is going to do these things. He also spoke about healthcare again. His latest stance seems to continue with Universal Healthcare:

I have a heart. You know, people don’t realize that I’m much warmer than other people. I wanna help people. I wanna get rid of Obamacare and get you something great. We have some people that won’t be able to live. We have to help people. Don’t we have to help? What are we going to do let ‘em die in the street?

We’re going to have great plans, they are going to be less expensive. Obamacare is out of control. And how about your deductibles? You have to be dead before you can use them.

Of course, Trump never explains HOW he’s going to do any of this nor does he seem to realize that we already do not allow people to “die in the street” as we have Medicaid for the sick and disabled. Emergency rooms are required to take care of anyone who walks through their doors regardless of ability to pay. Unfortunately his supporters don’t seem to question Trump about his statements and what his policies are to back them up OR how Americans will pay for it all.

In a recent interview with an Undeclared New Hampshire voter who attended a Trump rally, the interviewee said it was her first political rally ever and that she went because she wanted to see him due to his celebrity. She thought it was interesting at first but was disappointed that he was mostly saying negative things about the other candidates. She liked some of the things he was saying he was going to do if elected but she wanted to know how he planned on doing these things.

This is an interesting observation from someone who isn’t political at all. She actually left the event early because she got bored but it’s telling that a voter like this is questioning Trump’s plans. This is a voter who doesn’t pay attention to the news or politics but votes in every general election.

It’s a bit understandable. Trump flies from one subject to the other without fully completing the thought on the topic he starts out with. This is probably why he never explains how he’s going to do any of the things he talks about doing.

There’s a lot of “I, me and my” from Trump. He likes to tout how great he thinks he is and people cheer him on. It’s almost reminiscent of the current resident of the White House. Unfortunately his supporters also seem reminiscent of Obama’s supporters in that they seem to be all about the “hope and change” hype without actually knowing what that change is going to be.

The New Hampshire primary is coming up on February 9th. It’ll be interesting to see how Trump’s massive appeal during rallies plays out at the ballot box. Trump just started an actual ground game a few weeks ago. It’s unclear how many volunteers and staffers he has making calls and going door to door but it may not even matter. Trump’s appeal seems to be what he says he’ll do, not how he’ll actually get it done.

You can watch video of his speech here:



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