OP-ED: At What Point Will the Public Say ‘Enough is Enough?’

OP-ED by Representative Victoria Sullivan

So many thoughts reel around me as I, like everyone else, try to make some sense of the cold-blooded, massacre of innocent concert goers in Las Vegas. Just as troubling to me, as the act itself, has been the response of so many on social media.

Twitter was immediately used as a platform for people who politicized these deaths, and used them to once again try to ignite a call to remove firearms from law-abiding citizens who have a 2nd Amendment right to protection of their person, their loved ones, and their property. Even more egregious were the comments that stated there would be no grieving for the people injured or murdered because they were likely Trump supporters.

In other tweets, keyboard warriors applauded the madman’s sacrifice and stated that all republicans should be six feet under. Nancy Sinatra called for NRA members to all face a firing squad. Still others stated that law-abiding citizens, that had nothing to do with the massacre, had blood on their hands because they choose to support an organization that helps secure our second amendment rights.

The massacre in Vegas was horrific. The way in which many, who consider themselves to be progressives, have responded, is detrimental to our society as a whole. Hatred oozes from their every word toward their fellow Americans, who simply disagree with them politically. Their public wish for the deaths of innocent people is showing the darkest part of this nation. In a time of crisis, we have been known to come together, and to unite despite our differences.

However, in recent months it seems people with certain political ideologies have lost sight of any humanity toward the half of the nation that does not share their political affiliation. The people, the celebrities, the politicians that are perpetuating this outright hatred are encouraging further violence, and the result will be more innocent lives lost.

The unspeakable tragedies that we as a country have faced over the last few months should be catalysts for us to reach out to help each other, be better neighbors, and unite as nation. Instead they have been used to divide, disparage, and condemn anyone that does not bow to narrative of the left.

At what point does the public rise up and say enough is enough? This behavior needs to end before the next madman uses the vitriol being spewed as incentive to commit violent acts against more innocent Americans.

Representative Victoria Sullivan
House Education Committee
Hillsborough District 16