OP-ED: On Trump’s Release of the CNN Beat-down Tweet

President Trump released a Rorschach Test video a couple of days ago.

To the majority of mainstream media, it was an incitement to commit violence against journalists.

To the majority of Trump’s supporters, it was a wince inducing, gulty-pleasure gut laugh.

So I’d like to step back and share how I contextualize the video and the reaction.

This was another Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown moment. Trump baited the media and they took the bait. This was going to be a pinnacle moment to rally the country against the President, to facilitate his popular demise and further open their implicit efforts to set the stage for what Maxine Waters’ shouts, “Impeach 45”.

In their fervor to diminish the President, they exposed their irrationality and hypocrisy…again.

Hostile angry intonations followed saying that Trump was inciting violence against their profession. They have to climb over a lot of flotsam (or jetsam if you really want to explore the metaphor) to get to that point.

The Unibomber had Al Gore’s manmade global warming book in his shack, which says a lot given how small the shack was. The Berkeley riots, both of them, were targeting the free speech of people with different viewpoints than their own. The cop assassinations have happened across the country. Kathy Griffin stood proudly with Trump’s severed head in hand.

Oh yeah, Congressman Stephen Scalise is still in a hospital recovering from a left wing assassination attempt.

The elected political leaders on the left have never been held to account. After a short hiatus, “leaders” like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi have returned to their heated rhetoric of Republican attempts to kill people as they try to fix a bankrupt Obamacare program.

Any insinuation that the violence of the left being tied to the messaging of elected leadership was dismissed.

Until, our unconventional President, our socially inappropriate President, our tidal wave of Obama era roll backs President, released a juvenile video more fitting of his son Baron’s twitter account than his own. An obvious spoof of a decade old marketing beat-down to hawk the WWF, a spoof fake sport, was released.

And now “journalists” want us to see them as victims of incitement to violence.

Humor has officially died and will be buried if we allow it.

The media has spent the last year trying to take down Trump; but, they can’t. The little wizard behind the curtain has been exposed as a petty personage that have hidden behind ideals of journalism they have long quit pursuing themselves. The love affair with Obama saw the near total corruption of the media and its disregard for their journalistic ethics. Now Trump has driven them mad. They are like Dr. Strangelove riding their last bomb down to the ground.

They are getting their ratings and their money. Jerry Lewis made a lot of money as a goofy comic. Ratings and money are proxies for success and not a measure of success in its own rite.

To our President, I’d say that you’ve made the point. It is an unavoidable conclusion that the media is not about journalism. Anyone who is open to drawing that conclusion has for now.

Back away. Drive them mad by doing nothing but great policy. Policy that conservatives have hoped for since and during Reagan’s terms. Continue to repair Obama’s Banana Republic court system.

Of course, the media that hasn’t reported on the success won’t cover the continuing successes. They will become sick of all the winning. If the media does cover the successes, it will be twisted and wrong; but, they will continue on with their madness and driving themselves further into political irrelevancy.

Continue to tweet. We need you to do an end run around the Berlin Wall trying to hold back truth.

Just don’t let Baron get hold of your account for awhile.

Jess Edwards

U.S. Army – Retired