Out-of-state ‘dark money’ organization interfering with integrity of NH election law

Over the past several days there have been Facebook ads popping up in New Hampshire that were urging Granite Staters to call the Chairman of Election Law, Senator Regina Birdsell as well as other Republican Senators. These ads were claiming that Senate Bill 3 (SB 3), AN ACT relative to domicile for voting purposes, will somehow limit voting rights. The ads directed anyone who clicked on them to each senator’s senate page in order to contact them about the bill.

Of course, the ads don’t explain how the bill would limit voting rights. Why? Because the bill doesn’t limit voting rights. The same organization also had an ad out earlier urging people to contact Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper to “protect our fundamental right to vote.” Are they part of the drive-by voting culture that plagues New Hampshire? They are from Washington D.C., why would New Hampshire protect their vote? The organization is known as Priorities USA Action.

Priorities USA Action is a left wing super PAC that hides behind what the left likes to call “dark money.” They don’t have to report their donors. They do; however, have to report donations when it comes to elections and campaign financing and they have quite the list of left wing millionaires and billionaires. The biggest funder to their campaigns in 2016 was none other than America hater, convicted criminal George Soros.

And what exactly did they spend money on during the election of 2016? Well, against Trump of course. Priorities USA Action spent over $126 million against Trump. They also spent over $400,000 against Kelly Ayotte.

The super PAC admits their goal is to fight against President Trump. From their page:

We are a voter-centric progressive advocacy organization and service center for the grassroots progressive movement.

We are committed to standing up to the Trump administration and its allies in order to build an economy that provides real opportunity for all families to get ahead, and to protect the fundamental, democratic ideal of equality for all Americans – regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

With the hundreds of millions of dollars these left wingers pull in; they are hardly grassroots, more like astroturf. They are part of the organizing crew that is sending astroturfing left wingers to Republican town halls across the country.

Just who is Priorities USA Action? From DiscoverTheNetworks:

Priorities USA (P-USA) and its sister organization, Priorities USA Action (P-USAA), were established in April 2011 to help reelect President Barack Obama by means of advertising and fundraising campaigns. From the outset, their stated goal was to raise some $100 million for that purpose before the 2012 election.

P-USA, registered with the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(4) of the U.S. tax code, was permitted to accept donations of any amount from corporations, labor unions and individual contributors; was not required to disclose the identity of its donors; and produced electioneering communications and issue ads that could mention federal politicians by name but could not expressly advocate for their election or defeat.

The organization was started by former Obama White House staffers. They are another tentacle of the extreme left wing arm of the Democrat Party. The organizations they team up with read like the left of the left – Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters and Emily’s List. Contributors to their election PAC are mostly unions.

Priorities USA was also involved with Americans United For Change to be part of organized attempts to initiate violence and chaos at Republican events nationwide during the 2016 elections, especially Trump rallies. You can watch the first undercover video in the Project Veritas series (language warning):

Priorities USA Action has hundreds of millions of “dark money” backing them and they are now interfering with the New Hampshire Legislature and election laws. Election laws that a majority of Granite Staters want changed so they believe in the integrity of elections. New Hampshire voters firmly believe there is voter fraud, drive-by voting and too many out-of-state people, especially college students, voting in elections. They are right. Even Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, supports SB 3.

Democrat Ed Naile has been exposing voter fraud and drive-by voting for years. No one is stepping on voting rights. Every single person has the right to vote, where they actually call home base. College students who pay out-of-state tuition should not be allowed to vote in New Hampshire elections. They are actually suppressing the vote of those who really reside in the state.

The only reason Priorities USA Action is interfering in New Hampshire is because Republicans finally control all aspects of state government. Voters intentionally made this happen in the November 2016 election. Granite Staters were sick of Maggie Hassan’s vetoes of everything good that would benefit them and finally decided they had enough. They repudiated left wing policies and after more than a decade voted a Republican into the corner office.

Democrats are terrified they will lose their ability to sway elections if drive-by voters and out-of-state voters are no longer allowed to vote in New Hampshire elections. It’s been the main reason New Hampshire has even turned purple as opposed to the pretty solid red state that it used to be.

This organization should be rightfully rejected, tarred and feathered. Granite Staters don’t take kindly to out-of-state swamp monsters from Washington D.C. interfering with the goings on in their state. Priorities USA Action is seeking to spend millions of dollars to suppress the voters of New Hampshire to sway elections in Democrats’ favor. They are an extreme left wing organization that cares nothing about Granite Staters and everything about turning New Hampshire into a solid blue “Nanny” state.