Out-of-state ‘dark money’ using NH military to push egregious propaganda

More out-of-state 'dark money' in New Hampshire

This week Facebook ads were seen in the special New Hampshire House election in Hillsborough District 44 between Republican Mark McLean and Democrat James Morin. The ads are being paid for by another out-of-state “dark money” organization, Let America Vote, whose board of advisors is a ‘who’s who’ of far-left wing extremists. Of course, the ad is not only making egregious lies about Senate Bill 3 (SB3), AN ACT relative to domicile for voting purposes, but making false claims about Mark McLean as well.

This new “dark money” organization is claiming that SB 3 will “restrict access to the ballot box for our military.” It’s an outright lie of course, but that never stops extreme left wing organizations from pushing their propaganda. Political Buzz previously wrote about the legislation:

A majority of Granite Staters want only actual New Hampshire residents voting in elections as well as requiring valid identification. Unfortunately, the organizations pushing against integrity of elections (several out-of-state organizations) don’t want the same integrity of the vote. These organizations are claiming that requiring valid identification is actually voter suppression. Somehow requiring an identification that people need in everyday life for everyday things is somehow suppression.

For this out-of-state organization to claim the military vote would be suppressed is actually quite despicable. There are several veterans in the senate who sponsored this legislation. Of course, they probably don’t know that because they are located in Washington D.C. and not New Hampshire. Political Buzz spoke with Senator Regina Birdsell about this issue and she said the following:

As a veteran who served 10 years in the military, I would never put our veterans at risk on legislation. Let America Vote is attempting to use our military and veterans to spread fear on a common-sense piece of Election legislation and that is a disgrace.

Other out-of-state “dark money” organizations have been pushing against SB 3 as well as previously reported:

Priorities USA Action has hundreds of millions of “dark money” backing them and they are now interfering with the New Hampshire Legislature and election laws. Election laws that a majority of Granite Staters want changed so they believe in the integrity of elections. New Hampshire voters firmly believe there is voter fraud, drive-by voting and too many out-of-state people, especially college students, voting in elections. They are right. Even Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, supports SB 3.

Priorities Action sits on the board of Let America Vote as do others who are involved in both organizations.

Political Buzz also spoke with Mark McLean on this issue as well:

SB3 brings integrity to the voting system by insuring that it is the citizens of New Hampshire, and only the citizens of New Hampshire, who determine the outcome of elections. One of the chief proponents of the bill is our democratic secretary of state, who has publicly testified that the preservation of robust system is essential to New Hampshire maintaining it’s first in the nation primary status. The voting rights of service men and women must be preserved at all costs but even they must vote in the state where they have established their domicile.

It’s interesting that Democrats locally are also spending thousands of dollars on two special elections for New Hampshire House seats. Why is that? Aside from the thousands of dollars for these two seats, they have thousands of dollars of out-of-state dark money pouring into the state. It’s as if they want to buy the seats rather than let voters vote based on the actual candidates and the truth, but that’s par for the course. The report below is from the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office and only show the partial spending on two house races:

Committee to Elect House Democrats -Hillsborough Dist. 44 (1)


Granite Staters deserve the truth and not to be sold paid propaganda from out-of-state “dark money” organizations that Democrats keep welcoming to New Hampshire. If these people were at least being honest it would be one thing, but they are never honest. It will be interesting to see if Democrats are able to buy these seats or if voters will be able to decipher the truth from the lies and fearmongering they are being sold by another extreme left wing organization in Washington D.C.