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NH House: Sherry Frost’s dishonest and cowardly ethics hearing

By Kimberly Morin Today a hearing was held by the New Hampshire House Legislative Committee who is looking into controversial online statements made by Democrat Representative Sherry Frost (Dover). Frost has made denigrating, vulgar and violent comments towards fellow legislators since January…. Continue Reading →

New Hampshire House Review: ‘Red Pill’ versus ‘Rep Rage’

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to have a committee look into the online behavior of two state representatives – Republican Robert Fisher and Democrat Sherry Frost. The saga in the house started months ago when Frost was elected… Continue Reading →

Democrats ARE the ‘Rape Culture’ in New Hampshire

By Kimberly Morin Today, New Hampshire Democrats and their far left wing extremist (paid) supporters are claiming that Republicans promote the ‘rape culture.’ This is extremely ironic since it’s New Hampshire Democrats who supported Bill Clinton who was not only… Continue Reading →

OP-ED: The Identity Crisis Of The Republican Party

The past election sent a very strong, clear message regarding the direction in which the people of New Hampshire wished their elected officials to take this great state. For the first time in over a decade, the Republicans are the… Continue Reading →

Outrageous Debt: The University System of NH has a serious problem

By Lawrence Warhall This week, the New Hampshire Senate will begin holding budget hearings. Last week, budget legislation for state was “laid on the table” because some Republicans refused to pass a budget that increased spending by such a large amount…. Continue Reading →

NH Democrats provide perfect examples of why Trump is President

Yesterday, WMUR posted an article about how Trump voters in Claremont, New Hampshire still stand behind the President. Since it’s only 100 days in, that’s no surprise but the vitriol and hatred from the left on the Facebook post provide… Continue Reading →

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