Portsmouth Gun Control Rally: Gun Bans, Hypocrisy and Lies! Oh My!

By Kimberly Morin

Today, several left-wing organizations in New Hampshire and Maine held a gun control rally in Portsmouth’s Market Square. The rally was part of a larger Astroturf movement (paid gun grabbers) across the country for people to demand the government take their rights away.

The irony is that it was “The Resistance Seacoast” who were headlining the event in Portsmouth. The very same women who want to “resist Trump” because they believe he is so vile that they feel “unsafe” yet are demanding he take their fundamental human right to self-defense away. It seems to be lost on the crowd in attendance.

Gun control addicts ascended upon “Red Square” from Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It was quite the sight, including all the Portsmouth Police Officers who were armed and protecting the First Amendment rights of the protesters.

They hypocrisy was glaringly obvious but only to those who are actually free thinkers or informed. One of the signs claimed that “White, Armed = Dangerous.” This while surrounded by white, armed police officers protecting their protest. At least she’s only racist against white cops who are armed:

Another talked about “Thou Shalt Not Kill” being “The original gun control law.” It’s unclear if they realize that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is directed towards humans and was in place thousands of years before firearms were even invented. Apparently, they believe an inanimate object can actually get up and kill someone all on its own. Maybe they don’t realize murder is illegal:

There was plenty of child abuse to be seen as well. The very same people who push for gun free zones, where over 98% of mass shootings occur, want more and use their children as pawns to push for more:

It’s interesting that those who don’t believe the 2nd Amendment applies to 2018, also don’t seem to believe that they should still be using a quill and parchment paper to practice their First Amendment rights:

Another interesting theme during the “Red Square Rally” were signs about “pro-life.” It’s ironic considering a majority of people attending this rally are the very same people who demand abortion on demand, for any reason, up until the day before a woman is due to give birth. Apparently, lives of children in the womb, don’t actually matter:

Once again, irony is lost on one protester who believes “women’s rights are human rights” except when women want to practice their fundamental human right to self defense to protect themselves and their children:

Another protester tried to compare regulation of uteri to firearms. This is interesting since there are thousands of regulations on firearms across the country yet 14-year-old little girls are able to get abortions. In fact, Democrats in New Hampshire don’t even want these young girls to notify their parents when they make this life-altering medical decision:

But what is it that these people really want? Gun bans, magazine bans, taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens under the age of 21, background checks that make it impossible for citizens to get safety training and a gun registry. Yes, the very same people who sometimes refer to President Trump as “Hitler” want him to put a gun registry in place and they don’t even realize the horrifying irony of that.

It was also a tad ironic that Maura Sullivan, running to replace Carol Shea-Porter in the 1st Congressional District was in attendance pushing for more gun control. Her home state of Illinois has much more strict gun control laws than New Hampshire yet the Granite State is far safer. In fact, New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the country. Maybe Sullivan would prefer it be less safe, like Illinois:

Not everyone at the rally was demanding the government take away their rights. There were some detractors as well:

The most honest photo of the day was from one of these people:

It seems the astroturfers on the left are going to continue their “resistance” to the truth. Facts don’t seem to be something they willfully engage in with their followers. It’s unfortunate, because a serious conversation about protecting school children should be had but they won’t allow it.

This photo sums up the hypocrisy of gun controllers in one sign:

It is the left who refuses to behave like adults. It is why no one can have an adult conversation with them about the real issues affecting this country, especially when it comes to firearms, safety and the protection of America’s children. Democrats are too busy bathing in the blood of dead children to actually have an honest discussion.


You can view more photos from the gun control rally here: