Portsmouth Police Commissioner Joe Plaia lies about guns in ad

Joe Plaia isn't honest. Photo scraped from dishonest Bloomberg ad.

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday a new, fearmongering ad appeared in New Hampshire social media that features Portsmouth Police Commissioner Joe Plaia. The ad was created by Independence USA PAC, an out-of-state PAC run by New York City billionaire and gun control addict, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has been spending millions of dollars to push gun control and Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire during this election and chose a police commissioner who isn’t exactly honest.

Plaia instantly claims that every three days someone in New Hampshire is killed with a gun. At that point, most people must be flabbergasted, shocked and horrified right? Except he’s including suicides. According to FBI statistics there were only four homicides with firearms in New Hampshire in 2015. That’s right, only four. Plaia falsely leads people to believe that 121 people were murdered with a firearm last year.

Plaia is playing the false “gun violence” narrative that gun control lobbyists like Bloomberg love to use. There were 121 suicides in which the person who committed suicide used a firearm. There were 126 suicides in New Hampshire last year in which the person did not use a firearm. There were more suicides without firearms. Interesting Plaia doesn’t bothering mentioning those deaths. For the record, Japan has a much higher rate of suicide than the United States and they don’t have firearms.

Plaia also goes on to whine that Kelly Ayotte didn’t vote for universal background checks. What he really means is Ayotte didn’t vote to force family members to have to get background checks in private sales. The entire country already has background checks in place, the entire country, including New Hampshire. There are no gun show or internet loopholes like hoplophobes such as himself like to proclaim. Ayotte voted for a bill that would actually strengthen laws against criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

Another lie Plaia tells is that Ayotte is against the “No Fly, No Buy” legislation. Ayotte has already stated she would vote for this bill but wanted to have a way for people who were wrongfully on the list have an actual way to get off of it. The terror watch list is a horrible idea that takes Americans’ due process rights away.

No one who actually cares about the rights of Americans should support this secret list in which people get put on it by anyone and cannot get off of it unless they have thousands upon thousands of dollars for expensive lawyers. Even then it’s next to impossible to get off the government’s secret list.

Plaia should be ashamed of himself. Maybe he didn’t actually take an oath to uphold the constitution and protect the rights of the people he serves. That must be it. Or maybe Plaia thinks out-of-state dark money from a billionaire who has armed security for his family but wants to ultimately ban firearms for the poor and middle class across the country is much more important than the people Plaia is supposed to serve.

Plaia also claims in the ad that Ayotte is playing political games rather than making New Hampshire safer. The only people playing political games are hacks like Plaia who prefers to bend over for out-of-state gun control addicts like Bloomberg rather than dealing in facts. The fact is that New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the country. Apparently Plaia prefers Hassan who admitted she wants to actually ban firearms.

Maybe Plaia would rather see strict gun control like in Massachusetts where violent crime is much higher. Better yet, maybe Plaia would prefer Chicago-style gun control where there are record murders every year because only criminals have guns and people like him have made it extremely difficult for actual law-abiding citizens to get firearms to protect themselves.

Kelly Ayotte is no friend to gun owners and never has been. That people like Plaia even try to pretend she’s controlled by the gun lobby is amusing. Of course, Plaia doesn’t seem to realize that the thousands of gun owners who live in New Hampshire are the actual gun lobby, not some organization he and his ilk like to demonize.

On top of the lies Plaia claims in this Bloomberg ad, none of the gun control he wants to push will do anything to stop any criminal or terrorist. Does he want to ban sales of pressure cookers and box trucks? Or maybe just have people get background checks to purchase them? Does Plaia want to ban sales of knives, hands and fists and various items that people use to murder others? Oh wait, hands and fists can’t be banned.

Plaia should just come right out and admit he is for enabling criminals while creating more victims. He should just fess up that he hates that women actually want to protect themselves and their children.

Plaia should just confront the truth about himself – that dark money from the gun control lobby is more important than the actual safety of his own citizens. It is clear from this ad that Plaia chose to participate in that lies are more important than the fundamental human right of self defense for the people is supposed to help protect.