Poverty Pimp Democrats selling lies about NH Food Stamp Reform bill

NH Senate Democrats gather to figure out which lies to tell next.

Today, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee put out a list of facts to counter the abhorrent lies that Democrats are pushing about Senate Bill 7 (SB 7), AN ACT relative to eligibility for food stamps. The reforms simply use federal standards for eligibility and re-states work/volunteer/training requirements for able-bodied, childless adults. The purpose of the bill is actually stated in the bill – “The purpose of this act is to encourage able-bodied, childless adults to return to work, while protecting children, and to ensure that required child support payments are being made to families.”

As usual, Democrats have chosen to spew their lies across the state because New Hampshire taxpayers shouldn’t get a welfare program reformed for the better. Reforming any welfare program would hurt Democrats who choose to keep people in a cycle of poverty rather than enabling them to be independent. The people who don’t actually need to be on the receiving end of Food Stamps are actually hurting those who truly need the help. They are like “Robin Hoods” only they are stealing from the poor (not to mention the taxpayers).

One of the biggest poverty pimps in New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Democrat Party, had this to say:

“Children in extreme poverty are the most vulnerable community in our state and Senator Avard’s bill will take food off of their plates. The bill is no different than the one passed in Maine, which booted more than 10,000 children off of food stamps,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Under SB7, New Hampshire would leave designated federal money unused, forcing our most vulnerable to fend for themselves.”

Of course Buckley is lying, that’s what he does best. Not only will the program not hurt ANY children, families or individuals who truly need the help but it will strengthen the program by getting able-bodied, childless adults who don’t need the help (who are taking benefits away from those who do), off the program. It actually enables people to become successful rather than keeping them dependent in the Democrats’ preferred cycle of poverty.

Republicans hit back with the truth about the Democrats’ false claims in a Facebook note:

TRUTH: Maine’s change impacted Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependent children and those people with significant liquid cash assets. Individuals only “lost” benefits if they failed to work 20 hours a week, volunteer 1 hour a day, or be enrolled in training and education, or if they had multiple vehicles, boats, ATV’s or more than $5,000 in cash.

They destroyed the rest of the Democrat lies with facts as well. Senator Kevin Avard, prime sponsor of the bill, released the following after SB 7’s passage out of the senate yesterday:

“This is a common sense piece of legislation that restores the federal standard New Hampshire followed prior to the recession for receiving food stamps,” said Senator Kevin Avard (R-Nashua). “By helping people get back to work and creating an asset test to receive food stamps, this legislation will ensure the program’s long term viability.”

“This bill with amendment ensures that our state’s children will not be impacted and those who truly need it will continue receiving food stamp benefits. Establishing a work requirement will enable able bodied, childless adults who are currently on food stamps to become increasingly self-reliant rather than being dependent on the government while helping to fill thousands of open jobs in New Hampshire.”

One of the reasons an honest discussion can never be had in New Hampshire politics is because Democrats constantly and consistently lie. Their policies enslave people to a lifetime of poverty in which poor people believe Democrats are trying to help them. This is glaringly false. Democrats and other organizations who pimp poverty, don’t want people to become successful adults who are independent of the government and taxpayer money. The programs that are in place are to help those who truly need the help, not keep them permanently down.

Poverty is big business in New Hampshire as it is across the country. Under the Obama Administration, poverty reached a 50 year high. Senator Jeff Woodburn is one of the biggest poverty pimps in his party. The man has some of the poorest constituents in the state but does nothing but push more poverty programs to keep the people he’s supposed to represent chained to poverty.

Clearly Democrat policies don’t work. This is why they cannot tell the truth about their own policies or Republican policies. If Democrats actually told the truth, they’d never be voted into office again. They are nothing but poverty pimps whoring lies about the Food Stamp Reform bill in order to cloak the cycle of poverty their own policies create.