Rindge elections: Tim Halliday’s faux unity bid and possible election law violations

By Kimberly Morin

Tomorrow, the voters of Rindge will brave the snow (if the forecast is accurate) and vote on various town articles as well as some elected positions. One of the positions that is open is on the Rindge Board of Selectmen. The incumbent is Chairman of the Board, Bob Hamilton. Tim Halliday is the other candidate running for the seat.

Halliday has held elected positions in the town before and has signs around town and has placed political ads as well. He also sent out a mailer recently that was interesting. Halliday doesn’t seem to appreciate a local organization called “Save Our Town.” The organization is made up of a group of Rindge residents who take the time to understand what’s going on in town government and who actually holds government officials accountable to the taxpayers.

It seems a bit odd that a candidate for office would specifically point out a group that holds elected officials accountable. He doesn’t just point them out; he accuses them of being liars. Not really what you expect from someone who, if elected, would have to represent these people as well is it? Halliday shows his arrogance by claiming that “responsible voters” agree with him. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean you’re an irresponsible voter if you don’t agree with him?

What’s interesting is that on none of the political mailers, advertisements or signs that Halliday has put out does he have the required information listed according to New Hampshire Election law. Below are the applicable sections from New Hampshire RSA 664:14:

Political Advertising

Section 664:14

 664:14 Signature, Identification, and Lack of Authorization. –
I. All political advertising shall be signed at the beginning or the end with the names and addresses of the candidate, his fiscal agent, or the name and address of the chairman or the treasurer of a political committee, or the name and address of a natural person, according to whether a candidate, political committee, or natural person is responsible for it. Said signature shall clearly designate the name of the candidate, party or political committee by or on whose behalf the same is published or broadcast.
III. In the case of printed or written matter, the signature and address of signer shall be printed or written in a size of type or lettering large enough to be clearly legible

VIII. Political advertising in the form of signs or placards may contain an Internet address in lieu of the signature and identification requirements of this section, if the Internet address is printed or written in a size of type or lettering large enough to be clearly legible and the website immediately and prominently displays all of the information required by this section through election day.

Since Halliday has run for office before, it’s surprising he doesn’t appear to know election laws. This is a man who will have to understand municipal laws and behave accordingly. He also doesn’t seem to believe that town officials should be held accountable to Rindge residents.

Political Buzz recently reported on a current Rindge Board Member, Roberta Oeser, who didn’t want to properly put a new budget expenditure to voters as a warrant article because she doesn’t believe voters will vote how she wants. Is that the type of person Halliday seeks to emulate? Does Rindge really need another selectman who knows better than the people of the town?

Note that Halliday also claims he wants to unify the town. How is it he claims he wants unity in one sentence while demonizing a group of people in another sentence? The voters of Rindge will decide the fate of the board of selectmen on Tuesday. It appears Oeser might have some competition for running a fiefdom if Halliday is elected.