Senate Democrats allow NH police chiefs to continue abusing citizens

NH Senate Democrats allow police chiefs to abuse citizens. Photo scraped from public site.

Today there was a series of votes to override some of Governor Maggie Hassan’s ridiculous vetoes against legislation passed by both the New Hampshire House and Senate. Senate Bill 336, a bill that would end abuse of New Hampshire citizens by police chiefs and other governing authorities over pistol/revolver licensing, was one of them.

Earlier in the year, the New Hampshire Department of Safety admitted, in writing, that they know there is indeed abuse of citizens because of the current pistol/revolver statutes and Republicans sought to end that practice. From Political Buzz:

Early Sweeney, who is the former Assistant Commissioner of the DoS (who is apparently double-dipping now as a part-time employee) submitted written testimony for the department using official letterhead. From Sweeney’s testimony:

We believe the present suitability requirement has worked well for years, is seldom abused by issuing authorities, and that when it is, there are two legal processes that can be utilized by an applicant who feels that he or she was unreasonably denies a license, and therefore we feel that the bill should not be recommended for passage.

Sweeney admitted there is abuse yet his department has done nothing to stop it. Republicans in New Hampshire sought legislation that would end the abuse but every Senate Democrat, including Governor Maggie Hassan chose to allow the abuse of New Hampshire citizens to continue. Ironically, when SB 336 was passed out of the senate committee previously, Senators Laskey and Pierce voted for it. Their party bosses got to them when it hit the floor.

Hassan’s office admitted they knew about the abuse but claimed that Granite Staters could just ‘lawyer up’ to fight it. Apparently Sweeney, Democrats and Hassan all believe Granite Staters who are discriminated against have thousands of dollars to fight against abuse by government employees.

There are many stories across the state of law-abiding citizens who are being denied their pistol/revolver licenses because police chiefs aren’t following the basic rules of the application. They don’t follow the law then deny people, seems to be women especially, their fundamental human right to protect themselves outside their home. A very detailed story was reported by Michelle Levell, Chairwoman of the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire last year:

Astonishingly, I found that according to state statute, my only recourse was legal action through the district court and I hired attorney Evan Nappen to represent me. I was not innocent until proven guilty. NH’s process forces law-abiding citizens to take time off work and spend significant money to file with the court. Hiring an attorney costs even more and because not all aggrieved people have the resources to pursue a legal remedy, in addition to discriminating against ethnic minorities, the law also favors the well to do.

So today, New Hampshire Senate Democrats once again had the opportunity to end the abuse of Granite Staters but chose not to. Maybe they too are receiving out-of-state funding from gun control groups such as Maggie Hassan is? Hassan is anti-2nd Amendment and has received over $2 million in help from both Michael Bloomberg’s organization and political hack Mark Kelly’s group as long as she voted against Granite Staters’ rights:

Many people wondered why Hassan continued to allow the abuse of Granite Staters by state employees with her vetoes against House Bill 582 and Senate Bill 116 – both bills would have ended discrimination, racism and abuse at the hands of state employees. Now there’s no longer a need to wonder. It’s become quite clear why Hassan stood with out-of-state gun control groups against the best interest of her own constituents – money.

Not all police chiefs abuse New Hampshire citizens. There are many who follow the law that is in place and do not wrongly deny citizens their right nor waste taxpayer dollars in court rooms because they didn’t properly follow the law. Many citizens have reported that they are indeed being denied their right due to chiefs not following the law but don’t have the money to fight in court.

No governing body should allow the abuse of the citizens they are supposed to represent. Not only does it hurt citizens but it hurts those police chiefs who do follow the rules, not to mention the taxpayers if a lawsuit does occur.

New Hampshire Democrats are constantly claiming they are for the people of the state yet continue to allow women, minorities, men and those in the LGBTQ community to be abused because they refuse to change a few simple words in a statute.