Senator Jeff Woodburn is nothing but a poverty pimp

Photo scraped from public Facebook page.
Jeff Woodburn's failed policies keeps people in a cycle of poverty.

Yesterday, New Hampshire State Senator Jeff Woodburn (D-Dalton) pretended he has answers to combat poverty in his district. A district that has a higher percentage of poverty than others in the Granite State. What are Woodburn’s solutions to poverty? Create more of it through failed minimum wage policies; failed healthcare policies; bigger government and higher taxes. All things that do absolutely nothing to create an economic environment to end the cycle of poverty.

On Monday, Woodburn wrote an opinion editorial in the Concord Monitor that shows how clueless he is as a legislator and how reckless he is with his own constituents’ lives. Woodburn actually states that “the only safe vote is Democratic.” He wants people to vote for a party that has consistently voted to increase taxes and welfare programs all while destroying individual freedoms in the Granite State.

Woodburn goes on to claim there is a threat that the New Hampshire Senate will be overtaken by “right wing extremists!” Of course, anyone who is left of center is a right wing extremist compared to Woodburn and the New Hampshire Democrat Party. These are people who push every extreme government welfare, spending, increase-in-taxes program they can possibly come up with.

Woodburn talks about Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion program in his letter as being a success but never mentions that the people who are eligible for this program are able-bodied, single adults without children who can work but aren’t required to.

He never talks about the cycle of poverty that these people are kept in because if they do get a job that pays above the income requirements, they lose all of their medical welfare benefits. Some businesses love this program for those who do work because they don’t have to provide health insurance for their employees. It’s corporate welfare at its finest, paid for by New Hampshire taxpayers.

Of course, Woodburn seems to believe that federal tax dollars grow from a money tree and doesn’t come from the pockets of Granite Staters. From the Concord Monitor:

There is no greater risk than the potential of losing the signature accomplishment of the New Hampshire Legislature: the bipartisan N.H. Health Protection Act, which expands Medicaid health care to nearly 50,000 low-income, hard-working Granite Staters at no cost to the state.

Woodburn doesn’t mention that a high number of people receiving this medical welfare courtesy of the taxpayers are actually unemployed. Why? Because he has to keep up the appearances that the people getting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion couldn’t possibly take care of themselves otherwise. In a sense, he’s right because he has helped to create a cycle of poverty that people will be stuck in as long as this program exists. There’s no incentive for people to strive to do better for themselves.

Woodburn has never met a big government welfare program he doesn’t like. His policies, like those of the last eight years under the Obama Administration, do nothing but increase poverty. Poverty is at a 50-year high under Democrat rule in the United States. More people are on food stamps than ever before and what does Woodburn want to do? Create more of this horrible cycle of poverty that keeps people dependent upon the government.

What North Country needs isn’t more handouts from taxpayers but more economic opportunities to create jobs and prosperity. Democrats like Woodburn push government mandates that stifle and destroy opportunities that are beneficial. Woodburn loves regulations that crush innovation.

He was sponsor of the ‘Balsams Boondoggle’ which is now demanding New Hampshire taxpayers support the failed project with over $40 million. That’s not innovation, that’s corporate welfare for an out-of-state developer who was a failure in Maine. Corporate/taxpayer welfare for low-paying jobs that will continue the cycle of poverty.

Woodburn is a poverty pimp who continues the cycle of poverty with his big government programs then tells the people of Coos and Grafton Counties that he cares about them. He doesn’t and never has. What Woodburn does is lie to them so they’ll keep voting against their best interest. Taxpayer-funded welfare isn’t helping people, it’s keeping them in a cycle of poverty that Woodburn and all New Hampshire Democrats help create and perpetuate.