Senator Shaheen suddenly cares what her constituents think? Not likely

Senator Shaheen is suddenly pretending to care about NH constituents

Today, New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen actually posted one of the most hypocritical and ironic memes she could possibly post in regards to the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Shaheen claims she’s heard from over 5,000 Granite Staters that oppose the legislation and she’s urging Republicans to listen to their opposition. In a huge twist of irony, Shaheen forgets the past when thousands upon thousands of her constituents demanded she vote against Obamacare.

Of course, Shaheen didn’t care then that a majority of her constituents didn’t want her to vote for a government takeover of their healthcare. Suddenly now that Republicans are in charge, Shaheen cares what her constituency thinks? This is highly unlikely. Shaheen has always voted how the Democrat Party has told her to vote no matter how many phone calls or emails she gets from her constituents.

Here is the post from her Facebook account:

Since Obamacare was announced, a majority of Granite Staters were against it and remain that way to this day. The University of New Hampshire’s Survey Center tracked surveys of New Hampshire residents and their approval/disapproval of Obamacare for years and the majority has always disapproved. These are the disapproval/approval numbers over time:


Shaheen completely ignored her constituents when it came to Obamacare. She not only ignored them but she lied to them that they would be better off with it.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The middle class has suffered under Obamacare in the Granite State. Healthcare has actually become unaffordable to those who used to be able to afford it, thanks to Shaheen ignoring her constituents.

Shaheen’s severe left-wing partisanship is now shining brightly. She ignored thousands upon thousands of her constituents when it came to Obamacare because Democrats were in control. Now that Democrats have lost control, Shaheen wants her constituents to believe she cares about their healthcare and their opinions about it.

Shaheen doesn’t actually care what any of her New Hampshire constituents think about healthcare. That is handily proven with her support for and lies about Obamacare. Shaheen has never cared what her constituents think about issues, she only does what her Democrat Party bosses tell her to do, just like she’s doing today.