Senator Woodburn Deletes Embarrassing Video Boasting About Gun Control

Senator Jeff Woodburn deleted embarrassing gun control video

By Kimberly Morin

Over the weekend, New Hampshire Senator Jeff Woodburn, representing North Country in District 01, deleted a video of himself boasting about how proud he was to have pushed legislation that would ban bump stocks in the state. The video was posted on his Facebook page and only lasted a couple of minutes but it clearly showed Woodburn’s ignorance about bump stocks and his pretty horrific beliefs about his own constituents.

Woodburn starts off by saying the following about the area he represents:

I come from a place where there’s more guns than people, part of our culture, our way of life. But we also have an awful lot of common sense and we know how to make tough decisions.

This is ironic since Woodburn is one of the most anti-2nd Amendment legislators in the New Hampshire Senate.

He goes on to prove his ignorance about bump stocks:

That’s why I took the lead on banning bump stocks which are a device that converts a semi-automatic weapon into automatic. This was the device that was used in Las Vegas in the largest mass killing in the United States history.

Woodburn is correct that this device was used in the Las Vegas shooting. The same shooting that the public knows little to nothing about yet, even after months of investigation. What Woodburn gets completely wrong is his description that a bump stock turns a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic firearm. That’s a complete lie:

For semi-automatic guns, as long as the firearm requires the shooter to do something to fire every round, it is a semi, not fully automatic, firearm. A bump-firing shooter is actually shooting every round, and therefore not NFA or GCA controlled.

Woodburn goes on to claim that bump stocks are only made for the purpose of killing people. He doesn’t hesitate when making that claim. He believes gun enthusiasts, including his own constituents, some of whom may own bump stocks as a novelty, only purchase them to murder as many people as possible:

It’s really to efficiency of killing people…

This isn’t the first time Woodburn has implied that law-abiding citizens, his own constituents, are criminals. He did the same during “Constitutional Carry” hearings when he implied that law-abiding gun owners who wish to carry concealed are criminals:

The new talking point about SB 12, aka, “Constitutional Carry,” seems to be Democrats implying that all who carry concealed are criminals. Senator Lou D’Allesandro gave an overly dramatic speech in which he compared law-abiding citizens to criminals in his district. Senator Jeff Woodburn once again implied law-abiding citizens who conceal carry are criminals as did others (he first made this claim on NHPR last week).

Woodburn also talks about the “distrust” in New Hampshire politics. He should know because he is one of the most “distrusted” senators when it comes to 2nd Amendment rights:

We need to break the log jam of distrust and not communicating and not trying to move ideas forward, this disfunction in our politics. I took this issue because I understand the culture, values the way of life in our region but I also want to bridge the gap.

The legislation Woodburn is referring to is Senate Bill 492 (SB 492), AN ACT prohibiting bump stocks in New Hampshire. This legislation would ban anyone from owning a bump stock or similar device except law enforcement or government agencies of course.

SB 492 was referred to Interim Study, which essentially means the bill is dead. Why? Because New Hampshire is one of the safest states in the country and banning novelty items such as bump stocks is completely unnecessary.

As usual, Woodburn and his fellow Democrat gun control addicts, are blaming all of the law-abiding citizens in New Hampshire for the actions of a psychopathic mass murderer in Nevada. They are telling their own constituents that they believe any Granite Stater who owns a bump stock is doing so only so they can more “efficiently kill people.”

Are these really the values of people in North Country that Woodburn claims to understand and represent? It seems highly unlikely that the people up North would ever consider their neighbors and friends to be mass murderers for simply owning a novelty gun accessory. Maybe Woodburn should actually talk to the people he’s supposed to represent rather than making assumptions about their values.