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Bedford Town Council performs Kabuki Theater. Ignores residents on cell tower

Last week the Bedford Town Council heard arguments from residents against the proposed cell tower at Chubbuck Road. For over an hour, resident after resident testified before the council on the reasons why they do not want the cell tower… Continue Reading →

Why is the Town of Bedford really pushing for an unwanted cell tower?

By Kimberly Morin On Wednesday, the Bedford Town Council will once again be discussing whether or not to put a cell tower in place in an area where residents have already fought against it. The previous tower was proposed to… Continue Reading →

Bedford elections: Does Chris Bandazian have connection to the unwanted cell phone tower?

By Steve MacDonald On Tuesday, the voters of Bedford will head to the polls to vote for two town councilors. There are three candidates on the ballot – Catherine Rombeau, Chris Bandazian and Jim Barrett. The Bedford Taxpayers Association has… Continue Reading →

Judge rules in favor of Mike Gill and Aaron Day: Denies ‘gag order’ request

By Kimberly Morin On Friday a Rockingham County Court Judge ruled in favor of Mike Gill and Aaron Day on a portion of the defamation lawsuit brought against them by businessmen Dick Anagnost, Andrew Crews and William Greiner. The suit… Continue Reading →

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