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OP-ED: Full day kindergarten should remain a local decision

The New Hampshire State Senate added an amendment to Senate Bill 191, a bill targeting education adequacy funding, in a move to support full day kindergarten funding. The time at which a child begins formal, full day education should be… Continue Reading →

NH House: No 1st Amendment Rights in committee work sessions?

  By Kimberly Morin Tomorrow morning, Free Speech activists are planning on showing up in the Finance – Division I work session in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Their intention isn’t to disrupt the meeting but quietly video record… Continue Reading →

Another NH gun control bill that will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals

On Wednesday, the full house is expected to vote on yet another gun control bill being pushed by Democrats, House Bill 350. This is a bill prohibiting a firearm at a polling place. There doesn’t seem to be an actual… Continue Reading →

NH Representative Sherry Frost’s rude behavior rears its ugly head again

Today, New Hampshire Representative Sherry Frost (D-Dover) considers herself a “professional” when it comes to testifying in committee hearings and decided, in quite a rude manner, to let the world of Twitter know just how she feels about Granite Staters… Continue Reading →

California gun control bill ‘shot down’ by NH House Committee

Today the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee once again shot down a gun control bill brought forth by New Hampshire State Representative Katherine Rogers (D-Concord). House Bill 201 (HB 201) is one that had been pushed twice before and… Continue Reading →

Nashua Representative Patricia Klee calls victim of PRL abuse a ‘liar’

Yesterday, Political Buzz received several emails from readers that came from one of their New Hampshire State Representatives, Democrat Patricia Klee. The freshman representative made some outrageous statements about a story that was presented as testimony during the hearings for… Continue Reading →

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