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women’s rights

NH Women’s Foundation insults women’s intelligence on ‘Equal Pay Day’

By Kimberly Morin Today is “Equal Pay Day,” the day where Democrats like to demean women across the country by telling them they aren’t worth as much as their male counterparts in the workforce. It occurs every year and every… Continue Reading →

‘Gender Identity’ bill creates special class of people while infringing on rights of women and girls

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will vote on House Bill 478 (HB 478), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. This controversial piece of legislation is being pushed by many out-of-state extreme left wing organizations. There are… Continue Reading →

The ‘Easy Access Sexual Predator bill’ just passed in a NH House Committee

By Steve MacDonald On Thursday, a New Hampshire House Committee just advanced legislation that will give sexual predators unfettered access to your wives and daughters, and sisters and mothers, in bathrooms and locker rooms all across the state. The bill… Continue Reading →

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