The Horrifying ‘Heroes’ of the Portsmouth Gun Control Rally Organizers

Yesterday, during the Portsmouth gun control rally, The Resistance Seacoast handed out leaflets listing a slew of pro-gun control legislators. The list is a horrifying compilation of some of the most disturbing individuals who have or do sit in the New Hampshire State House today.

Renny Cushing has long fought to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. He and many of the others on this “Heroes” list fought against ending state-sanctioned discrimination and abuse against men, women, LGBT and minorities when it came to pistol/revolver licensing. How exactly is that a “hero” to anyone? Cushing would rather women wait for the police to save them than for women to dare be their own first responders against predators.

Jeff Woodburn has literally called his own constituents criminals and mass murderers for daring to carry concealed or purchase a novelty item (bump stock). Woodburn claims to understand his constituency up in North Country yet he votes against their fundamental human right to self defense every chance he gets. North Country, where there are some towns that don’t even have a police force, yet Woodburn seeks to take away the rights of his own constituents to protect themselves and their families.

Martha Hennessey just attempted, in overly dramatic fashion, to put a law into place that would allow school boards to make gun control policies. The reason the state has the sole power to make gun control laws in New Hampshire is because it would wreak absolute havoc on Granite Staters simply crossing a town line or going to various schools if different laws and policies were in place.

Of course, Hennessey and other Democrats completely ignore the statistics on gun free zones, which were put into place by Democrats many years ago. Her legislation was actually ANTI-school safety:

Delmar Burridge is one of the more psychotic “heroes” on this list. He actually tried to pass legislation that would require death by a firing squad if a criminal used a firearm while committing a felony. Yes, he’s that insane:

Lee Oxenham wanted to change the rules to push legislation that will actually take the rights of those under 21 years old away from them. There’s no such thing as an “assault weapon” but that doesn’t stop these left-wing extremists from continually using the term. It’s more important to them that they infringe upon the protected rights of their own constituents than actually discuss facts and statistics.

More people use hands, feet and fists to commit homicide than use rifles. Oxenham would never let facts get in the way of her feelings.

Katherine Rogers is the most despicable display on this leaflet. Rogers pleaded guilty to physically assaulting an elderly citizen volunteer during a ballot recount in November 2016. She pleaded guilty. She assaulted a woman. Yet she’s a “hero” to these people? Apparently, they are big fans of violence against women.

Rogers has continually tried to push gun control legislation from California, a state that has a far higher crime rate than New Hampshire but again, facts never get in the way of gun banners.

Elaine Andrews-Ahern thinks Granite Staters are stupid. She’s literally said that in public and has been called out for it. All of the above legislators believe their own constituents are stupid but Andrews-Ahern is the only one who was caught saying it out loud:

There is no such thing as a “gun show loophole” but that lie never stops gun controllers from continually pushing it. All of the above support draconian measures that would make it so Granite Staters couldn’t even get firearm safety training without getting a background check. Think about the women who are now getting training, in huge numbers, these legislators want that to end. They’d rather have women be unsafe and unprotected. All of the gun control that these Democrats support turns law-abiding citizens into criminals.

The other side of this leaflet is even more disturbing than the abusive legislators on the “Heroes” side. The Resistance Seacoast listed out “Villains” as well, those legislators who typically support the 2nd Amendment rights of Granite Staters and they had blood-dripping bullet holes in the photo:

The left is always teetering on the edge of violence. Imagine the outrage if anyone on the right ever posted a list of legislators with blood-dripping bullet holes? Despite the moronic misspelling of “Villains,” these people are truly disturbed. Not only do they support violent legislators but they use violent imagery to call out those they believe support the 2nd Amendment.

Aside from the many blatant errors on this leaflet (there are far more than simple misspellings), it shows that The Resistance Seacoast doesn’t care about the violence of the people they support. They clearly don’t care about facts, statistics or evidence and they have zero knowledge about gun control laws they seek to impose on law-abiding citizens or existing gun control laws.

Once again, the left had the opportunity to have an honest discussion about how to keep children safe but they refuse to be honest and they really have no interest in keeping children safe.