The truth about Fidel Castro: Dictator, murderer, oppressor of Cubans

Firing Squad under Fidel Castro's reign of terror.

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, exiled Cubans were still celebrating the death of Communist dictator Fidel Castro in Miami, Florida. It was announced early Saturday morning that Fidel Castro had finally died at 90 years old. Cuba’s dictator had already handed over duties to his brother Raul but was still considered the leader of Cuba while alive. Many Cubans view his death as a step closer to freedom and democracy in Cuba.

While Cuban-Americans were celebrating, the main stream media and many in the Democrat party and on the left continue to white wash Castro’s history of murder and oppression of the Cuban people. Often they tout him as a “revolutionary” because he was the leader that helped overthrow the dictatorial rule of Fulgencio Batista. Unfortunately, Cuban life after Batista, under Castro’s rule, was far worse than under Batista.

Free healthcare

Many on the left like to talk about Castro’s free healthcare for all Cubans. American dimwit Michael Moore even created a documentary about the supposedly fabulous healthcare that Cubans receive thanks to Castro. Moore wasn’t honest in his documentary. According to “The Real Cuba” there are three variations of healthcare in Cuba:

Foreigners who visit Cuba, are fed the official line from Castro’s propaganda machine: “All Cubans are now able to receive excellent healthcare, which is also free.” But the truth is very different. Castro has built excellent health facilities for the use of foreigners, who pay with hard currency for those services.

Argentinean soccer star Maradona, for example, has traveled several times to Cuba to receive treatment to combat his drug addiction. But Cubans are not even allowed to visit those facilities. Cubans who require medical attention must go to other hospitals, that lack the most minimum requirements needed to take care of their patients.

In addition, most of these facilities are filthy and patients have to bring their own towels, bed sheets, pillows, or they would have to lay down on dirty bare mattresses stained with blood and other body fluids.

Free education

Some like to claim that Castro increased literacy by providing free education for Cubans but at what cost? Again from The Real Cuba:

On April 4, 1961 the Cuban dictator created the “Unión de Pioneros de Cuba” (Union of Pioneers of Cuba).

Almost all Cuban children, including Elian Gonzalez (above), have to become ‘pioneros.’
If you don’t want your child to be a pionero his chances of getting an education in Castro’s Cuba are almost non existent Pioneros have to participate in many extra-curricular activities, like marching in front of the US Interests Section whenever the dictator wants, or any other activities being promoted by the Castro regime.

Pioneros are also asked to denounce any counterrevolutionary activity that they see at home, or at the homes of their friends, to their teachers. Many Cuban parents went to jail because one of their children notified authorities that their parents were talking about the government or doing anything at home that was considered ‘illegal.’

This sounds more like what Hitler did with Hitler Youth than anything else. Filling children’s heads with propaganda and punishing them if they don’t participate in extra-curricular activities demanded by the government isn’t “free” education, not to mention turning in their own family members for disagreeing with the government.

Oppression and poverty

Of course, there is also the oppression of the Cuban people. They are imprisoned, tortured or murdered by a firing squad if they dare dissent from the Communist views of Castro.  Not only that but these people live in abject poverty, all while Castro and his elites live like kings. Castro’s worth is estimated at around $900 million. Castro hasn’t earned a penny of it.

Many like to blame the United States for the poverty of the Cuban people but there are many countries who never embargoed Cuba and always continued a trade relationship with them as well as visited the country for tourist purposes. They don’t realize that the Cuban people live with different rules and have to use an entirely different currency than the elites or visitors. From The Federalist Papers Project:

The Castro Regime had to be sure they set the rules in place so they could take as much money as possible from the people.  So much for the freedom of Capitalism that so many seem to think will lift the Cuban people out of oppression.  The Cuban government is going to take 92% of workers’ salaries in dollars and then give them a mere 8% to keep but they will have to be in pesos; the currency reserved for the oppressed.  Castro has to be sure Cubans barely earn a living wage.

So while the main stream media, many Democrats, Hollywood actors and leftists attempt to pretend Fidel Castro was some type of hero, reality will still exist. Castro was a murderous, oppressive and horrific Communist dictator who impoverished, abused and tortured his own people. Don’t believe what the left or the main stream media tells you about Castro, talk to real Cubans in America who risked their lives to flee the horrors under his reign of terror.