That Time Selectman Candidate Jeremy Paris Called a Female State Rep ‘C**t’

On Tuesday, Manchester voters will be heading to polling stations to vote for several municipal positions listed on the ballot, everything from Mayor to school committee and selectman. Of course, most candidates put on their “politician” faces for voters and never talk about who they are in real life. Jeremy Paris is one of those candidates.

Paris is running for selectman in Manchester’s Ward 9. There are four candidates running and only three slots that need to be filled. Paris is an extreme left-wing Democrat but worse than that, he’s a nasty, foul-mouthed, disrespectful “man” who doesn’t like it when women disagree with his political ideology or extreme views.

Earlier this year, Paris decided to attack State Representative Victoria Sullivan because he disagreed with her stance on something. Paris chose to do this in a public forum, Twitter. Rather than simply agree to disagree, like many adults do in these cases, Paris chose to call Sullivan a c**t:

Because Sullivan doesn’t agree with the extreme left-wing women in the state house, who seek to rain massive amounts of hatred on men, all while voting against actual women’s rights, Paris believes she doesn’t stand for women’s rights. Of course, he’s wrong, but that didn’t stop him from acting out with disgusting behavior that even left-wing women find offensive (only when it happens to their own selves though). Paris also posted this tweet on the public hashtag for New Hampshire politics. Clearly, he was quite proud that he called a female state representative this extremely demeaning term.

How does Political Buzz know this account is that of selectman candidate Jeremy Paris? Evidence below:

Jeremy Paris can’t handle disagreements in the “smaller world” of politics. How is it he believes he would represent constituents with bigger disagreements?

Most voters have had it with the divisiveness and derisiveness in politics, a vote for Paris will bring more of that to local politics.

Not only is Paris not fit to serve as dog catcher but he still owes Sullivan an apology for his deplorable behavior. It’s perfectly okay to disagree with someone but when a man tells a woman she isn’t for women’s rights and then calls her despicable names when SHE disagrees, it’s time to hang it up.

There is no room for this type of “politician” in any area of politics. This behavior is unacceptable in most walks of life, unfortunately some on the left believe this is perfectly acceptable. Paris is one of them.