‘Trans Rally’ was Planned Months Ago to Push Lies About NH Laws

Trans Activists aren't being honest about NH law ImageSource: Twitter

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, there was a “transgender equality” rally held in Manchester. WMUR reported that the rally was “in response to President’s call to ban transgender people in military.” The rally was actually planned back in February, long before President Trump’s tweets about banning transgenders from the military .

The rally was planned before the New Hampshire House of Representatives tabled a “gender identity” bill that would have given transpeople special rights over others. House Bill 478 (HB 478), AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, was a controversial piece of legislation that saw the Granite State swarmed with out-of-state trans activists who lied about existing New Hampshire laws and smeared the state while they were trying to pass the legislation.

Within the rally’s Facebook event page is actually explained why it was planned:

Trangender Rights in NH Now!

Why is Rights and Democracy of New Hampshire putting this Rally together?

New Hampshire House Bill 478, was introduced in the last legislative session. It would have guaranteed protections for transgender and gender non-conforming folks in employment, public accommodations (such as fair housing) and medical services. It likely would have passed the House.

However, the conservative leadership in the NH House of Representatives engineered a diversion. They wanted to stop HB-478 from passing. A proposal was consequently brought to the House floor to “table” this bill, and thus the bill was placed on hold so that it could not be passed.

Our goal here is to raise public awareness regarding this bill so that people will call, write and email their legislators and urge them to bring HB-478 back to the floor in the next session. With that support, we believe that it will be passed into law.

The legislation was actually tabled because representatives received thousands of emails and phone calls to kill the bill.

The rally was organized by an extreme left-wing organization from Vermont called “Rights and Democracy.” After creating the organization in Vermont, the founders decided they’d bleed their extremism over into New Hampshire as well. They push for an increase in minimum wage, healthcare as a “human right” and Al Gore’s bogus global warming hoax. They are a prime example of the extremism the Democrat Party has become. Their goal is to promote progressive policies and candidates.

Of course, they are lying about trans rights in New Hampshire. Transpeople have the same protections and rights as everyone else in the Granite State as previously reported:

You may not be aware but New Hampshire has a Human Rights Commission. This commission is responsible for “eliminating discrimination in employment, public accommodations and the sale or rental of housing or commercial property, because of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability or national origin.”  The commission was set up under RSA 354-A and has been working to help any Granite Stater who has been discriminated against, including transgenders.

Rights and Democracy is just another organization pushing left-wing extremism in the state. Not only do they seek out special rights for transpeople but they seek “to infringe upon Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion rights along with forcing everyone else to conform to their ideology and way of thinking.” Not to mention they want to infringe upon the rights of Granite State women and girls.

This rally was nothing more than a continuation to push the lie that New Hampshire doesn’t already protect transpeople from discrimination. The people perpetrating the lies are funded by out-of-state organizations whose sole goal is to push their extreme left-wing ideology on a state that prefers everyone just be left alone to enjoy their freedom.