Trump Calls WI Radio Host ‘Naïve’ for Telling Truth About Melania Photo

Today Wisconsin radio host Vicki McKenna held an interesting interview with Donald Trump. During the interview they discussed many issues including manufacturing and building the wall in Mexico. And ended the interview talking about candidates’ wives.

McKenna asked Trump how he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall when they clearly said they will not. His idea is to tax them via tariffs. Of course, Mexico still won’t be paying because those tariffs would be pushed down to consumers of the goods that are purchased from Mexico (including Trump’s own clothing line).
McKenna asks him about unifying Republicans in Wisconsin because they’ve successfully done that in the state for Governor Walker and his reforms that have been passed. When McKenna says he is dividing Republicans, Trump says he doesn’t mean to and then goes on to say how he’ll be the best at everything. And then goes on to talk about how he’s leading and winning across the country.

Trump says he has “good relationships” with people and again goes on to talk about how he’ll be the best at everything. He even says he’s the best at the 2nd Amendment (that whole ‘assault weapons ban’ thing must have been forgotten). You can listen to the entire mind-boggling interview here.

McKenna was basically urging Trump to help unify Republicans. The final question she asks him is if he’ll be a unifier. She asks him to target his attacks to Hillary Clinton rather than “eating our own.” Trump then brings up Cruz and says “He starts things and so far I finish things.” When McKenna says that Cruz didn’t start anything, Trump says “Of course he did, he sent a card that my wife took many years ago on the cover of GQ.”

This is completely false of course and has been completely debunked. It was a Super PAC that sent the card of Trump’s wife out in Utah. Cruz had nothing to do with it and if he did, he broke federal law. Trump doesn’t seem to grasp that piece of information. When McKenna corrects Trump he says:

Are you so naïve? You are really naïve.

Trump then accuses Cruz of being friendly with the Super PAC even though it’s not affiliated with Cruz.

McKenna asks for wives and kids to be off limits. Trump’s response?

That’s okay if you can get Senator Cruz to do it.

Cruz has never said anything negative about Trump’s wife. As a matter of fact, he said she is a lovely woman and in an interview said that he also heard she’s a good Mother.Trump on the other hand re-tweeted a photo comparing Heidi Cruz to Melanie Trump – the photo is a bad one of Cruz and says “No need to “spill the beans” The images are worth a thousand words” Actually comparing the LOOKS of the two women.

Trump’s troglodyte behavior is nothing new on the campaign trail but he won’t even apologize when he’s called out for it. The man refuses to admit when he’s wrong and tries to blame everyone else for his own egregious and immature behavior. Trump behaves like a man-child in a school yard rather than a candidate running for the most powerful position in the world.



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