Van Ostern versus Sununu: The N.H. Gubernatorial debate in a nutshell

Sununu and Van Ostern debate. Photo scraped from NECN live video.

By Kimberly Morin

Tonight, NECN aired a debate between two men running for governor – Chris Sununu (Republican) and Colin Von Ostern (Democrat). Both men are Executive Councillors who have never held an elected office within the actual legislature. Both men believe in corporate welfare for multi-million dollar organizations like Planned Parenthood and both men believe something should be done about providing free medical welfare to Granite Staters but they disagree on how it should be done.

Despite Van Ostern and Sununu have some things in common, they do seem to differ on taxing and spending. Both men claim they won’t put an income and/or sales tax into place but Van Ostern talks about spending like kid in a candy store with unlimited funds from Daddy’s credit card. The problem with that is New Hampshire taxpayers, who are already stretched beyond their own limits, simply cannot afford the outrageous spending boondoggles that Van Ostern seeks to put into place.

Van Ostern also talked, once again, about his failed commuter rail to nowhere idea. At least Sununu disagrees with that ridiculous insanity that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars a year to ship a few New Hampshire workers down to Boston for employment. Of course, drug dealers from Massachusetts could also easily hitch a ride on the train and do even more business in the Granite State. Maybe those are the jobs that would be created according to Van Ostern.

Sununu came right out and explained his endorsement of Donald Trump while Van Ostern actually admitted that he believes Hillary Clinton would be a good role model for his sons. Interesting what Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and rape accusers would think about that one.

Sununu claims to be for more local control of public education and give the budget to the legislature. His line of the night that the legislature “is the people” was frankly brilliant. Van Ostern seemed a bit confused at that idea. His version of public education is to have the fat cat unions still in control to continue bankrupting it all while New Hampshire students continue to fail.

Van Ostern likes federal control of education so much that he wants to put full-day kindergarten and pre-kindergarten into place and have taxpayers pay for more public education programs that have already been proven to be a failure.

Van Ostern is all in on more gun control in New Hampshire despite the state being one of ‘the safest states on Planet Earth.’ Sununu claims he’ll sign a Constitutional Carry bill if governor but also talked about the failed idea of ‘Universal Background’ checks into place. Van Ostern seems to be a believer in government lists that allow people’s 2nd Amendment rights to be taken away. Von Ostern would follow in Maggie Hassan’s footsteps of taking money and advice from out-of-state gun control groups funded by Michael Bloomberg.

Neither man seems to be in touch with the realities of the issues that Granite Staters are dealing with on a daily basis. The economy is the biggest issue facing New Hampshire yet neither seems to have an idea of how to get it on track or keep young people in the state. Van Ostern is completely out of touch and that is made clear by his obsessive compulsion to want to increase spending to astronomical levels but pretending he won’t have to raise an income and/or sales tax to do so. Sununu isn’t AS bad but it’s clear he doesn’t quite have the right ideas formulated yet either.

In a nutshell, neither Sununu or Van Ostern is the best candidate for New Hampshire but Van Ostern will absolutely be far worse for the pocketbooks of Granite Staters, not to mention his insistence of taking away their freedoms.