Voter fraud exists in NH. Just ask Democrat Ed Naile who has been investigating for years

Voter fraud exists in NH. The press, state and political parties ignore it.

Yesterday, you could hear screams that there is “no voter fraud” in New Hampshire from Democrats across the state as well as “Establishment Republicans” after one of President Trump’s advisers claimed voters are bused in from Massachusetts to vote in New Hampshire. Now, if you live in New Hampshire, you know this is a running joke. Voters from Massachusetts and Vermont do indeed seem to make their way here to vote in elections because all they simply have to do is “claim” they live here and not even provide identification.

Democrat Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has been investigating voter fraud in New Hampshire for years. He has case after case of voter fraud on his website that somehow never get prosecuted by New Hampshire’s Attorney Generals. It was discovered only this week by Tony Schinella at the Patch that the attorney general stopped investigating same-day registration affidavits to see if they were valid back in 2012. From The Patch:

Back in 2013, LaBonte and Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan confirmed that both departments were analyzing the more than 20,000 affidavit votes cast in the 2012 election, including voters who registered to vote but couldn’t prove identity, age, or citizenship but were allowed to anyway, voters that couldn’t document where they lived but were allowed to vote anyway, and voters with no identification at all but were allowed to vote anyway. Altogether, of the more than 20,000 voters, about 4,400 voters could not be reached by mail or did not return information to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The investigation into all the voter affidavits was supposed to be completed by July 2013. At the time, officials thought they could get it done and the investigatory process would be worth it. Somewhere along the way, the investigation was dropped.

According to Schinella’s story, the attorney general’s office claims they don’t have the staffing to actually follow up on any of these specific cases. Schinella also goes on to show the various same-day affidavit registrations and how they may or may not affect certain elections:

Last year, there were about 7,500 affidavits to eye, according to press reports, with more than 1,400 affidavit voters having no identification but the voters were allowed to vote, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader. Another 6,000 voters used an out-of-state license or non-driver’s ID to prove who they were. Of those 6,000, a little less than 3,000 used Massachusetts IDs.

Any alleged or presumed fraud that occurred this last election year could have potentially played a role in altering the U.S. Senate.

Political Buzz spoke with Ed Naile about his years of voter fraud investigations in New Hampshire. Naile began his investigations into voter fraud over 20 years ago and hasn’t stopped. He has worked tirelessly to investigate, on his own time, the various types of voter fraud that exist in the state from drive-by voter fraud to foreigners illegally voting in New Hampshire elections. If there is voter fraud happening in the state, Naile “nails” it all while it goes ignored by the powers that be.

Aside from the obvious voter fraud that Naile uncovers on a regular basis, he makes the case against “domiciled” students in the discussion when he brings up the point that they are not on the jury pool list. New Hampshire used to only use voter registration lists for jury pools but that wasn’t getting a “jury of peers” for some cases so in 1993 they started using the list of Granite Staters who have New Hampshire drivers’ licenses. Out-of-state students at colleges in the state do not get local drivers licenses and therefore aren’t on this list.

Essentially, Naile rightfully claims, New Hampshire has a two-tiered system of voters in the state – those who actually reside in the state (and pay taxes) and those who technically do not. Students aren’t being denied their right to vote because they can and should be voting in their home states. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party wants them to vote in New Hampshire to help sway the elections against the people who actually live here. The only people being disenfranchised are the people who actually reside in New Hampshire.

During a recent segment on Girard at Large, Naile was discussing voter fraud with Manchester Alderman and House Representative Pat Long (Democrat). Around 6 minutes into the segment you’ll hear Naile talk about the busload case where Americorps was bringing voters from out-of-state to vote in New Hampshire. Long then goes on to discuss the 13-15 students from Franklin Pierce College in Rindge who showed up to vote in Manchester. They were told they could vote in the city even though their “domicile” address was in Rindge. This isn’t true. Long sent them back to Rindge to vote.

Long also talks about the busloads of union workers who would be bused from their worksites to vote in New Hampshire. He was talking about workers from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. He was referring to the late 90s but he didn’t say whether or not this was still happening to this day. The fact that it ever happened says everything you need to know about the lax election laws in New Hampshire. Begin at minute six on the show:

While the left and even some on the right are mocking Trump for his claims about voter fraud in New Hampshire, they are proving to be the real fools when the evidence is uncovered that there is indeed voter fraud in the state (and every state in this country for that matter). They ask about “widespread voter fraud.” How much voter fraud is acceptable exactly? Even one fraudulent vote that negates a real vote from a Granite Stater is too much.

Unfortunately, the New Hampshire Secretary of State and Attorney General don’t seem to actually care about the integrity of elections in the state. Not only do they cover up voter fraud and ignore it but they actually encourage it by doing nothing about it. Meanwhile, politicos are more concerned about “First In The Nation” status than they are with the sanctity of the vote. The only people who lose are actual New Hampshire citizens.