Voting Rights: New Hampshire Voters want integrity in elections

Integrity of Elections is what is truly important to a majority of Granite Staters.

Yesterday, a “Voting Rights” march took place in Concord that ended with a rally at the state house. The march was in response to legislators in New Hampshire attempting to pass bills that actually try to shore up the integrity of elections. The marches are particularly not fond of Senate Bill 3 (SB 3), AN ACT relative to domicile for voting purposes. The bill seeks to tighten domicile requirements for voting purposes in the state.

The legislation actually tries to make it so that only voters who live in the state have the ability to vote. Currently almost anyone who is temporarily in the state can vote in New Hampshire elections. This means students who pay out-of-state tuition can vote in the state as well as workers who are only temporarily in the state, an example is those who work for political campaigns.

A majority of Granite Staters want only actual New Hampshire residents voting in elections as well as requiring valid identification. Unfortunately, the organizations pushing against integrity of elections (several out-of-state organizations) don’t want the same integrity of the vote. These organizations are claiming that requiring valid identification is actually voter suppression. Somehow requiring an identification that people need in everyday life for everyday things is somehow suppression.

Out-of-state voters

What’s truly suppression is when out-of-state voters have any say in New Hampshire elections. These voters are actually suppressing the votes of people who permanently reside in the state and have to live with the outcome of choices made by these out-of-state voters. Granite Staters are sick of this being allowed and want it to end.

In the last election alone, there were over 6,000 voters who used out-of-state identification to vote in New Hampshire elections. Of that number, almost HALF were from Massachusetts. There’s also the issue of those voting without any identification at all. Even SB 3 doesn’t stop this ridiculous practice.

Voters without identification can still sign an affidavit that they are a legitimate New Hampshire voter but have to bring in the proper paperwork to prove it within 10 days of the election. In 2014 there were around 3,000 affidavits where people were allowed to vote without proving where they lived. In 2016 that number was cut in half to more than 1,400 but when some races in the state are literally won by only one vote, every single valid vote matters. Fraudulent votes make a difference.

During the rally, speakers also railed against the claim that voters had been shipped to New Hampshire by the busload to vote in the state. Apparently they didn’t get the memo from Democrats Ed Naile and Pat Long that this has indeed happened in the past. It’s not clear if it happens now but people who have been poll watchers have indeed reported the same. Speakers also claimed requiring voter identification is also a “poll tax.” They are using a false narrative to make people believe requiring identification is somehow a bad thing.

Perception and reality of voter fraud

It was recently reported that there may be hundreds of voters who could be investigated for committing voter fraud by the Secretary of State’s office. Of the over 6,000 voters who didn’t have proof of domicile when they were allowed to vote, there were 458 that were undeliverable, which means they were returned to the state because that voter did not live at that address. Will anything be done? Probably not.

If you talk to any poll workers or voters, you’ll hear stories about obvious voter fraud and what Granite Staters refer to as “drive-by voting,” when out-of-staters actually do show up and vote in the state. Unfortunately, election officials’ hands are tied and they have to allow anyone to vote. The vote gets counted and it’s only afterward that something can be done about it. It’s too late at that point. Any fraudulent votes are counted.

SB 3 doesn’t really do much to change that. The follow-up is still afterwards and given the lack of actual prosecutions in the state; odds are that isn’t going to stop much voter fraud unless they start prosecuting these people. New Hampshire residents deserve integrity in their elections. The majority believe it doesn’t currently exist and want changes made so voters must provide New Hampshire identification and actually live in the state.

Outside organizations and Democrats fighting against the laws are completely out-of-touch with what a majority in the state want. The New Hampshire Senate has been listening and they are actually attempting to do something about it. It’s not fully what is needed, there’s more work to be done but at least they are making an effort.  The senate passed SB 3 along party lines and it will now go on to the Election Law Committee in the House of Representatives where these same organizations will continue to fight against the will of the people.

The only voter suppression that is going on in the state of New Hampshire is by those who vote in elections that have absolutely no skin in the game, people who actually live out of state but are temporarily in the Granite State for work or school. These people can vote via absentee ballot in their actual home states. It’s the adult thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. Suppression of New Hampshire voters needs to end. Integrity of elections is important and it’s what a majority of Granite Staters want.