WALKOUT: Not All NH Students Fell Prey to the Left’s Political Agenda

Yesterday, there was a “National Walkout Day” held by students across the country. The walkout was supposedly to remember the 17 students who were killed in Parkland, Florida. While many students did indeed honor these students, others chose to use the walkout to push for gun control.

These students have every right to be frustrated and angry that their government completely failed to protect them, over and over again. There were armed guards at the school but they weren’t at the door, watching as students came into the building. The police who showed up at the shooting, didn’t even go into the building to stop the killer. Yes, these students have every right to be angry.

Unfortunately, their anger has been co-opted and re-directed by the left. Rather than direct them to demand they be protected like court houses, state houses and congress, the left is pushing them to demand more gun control on law-abiding citizens and the Women’s March, who has completely co-opted the “movement,” is actually telling students to demand they become LESS safe in their schools.

What exactly is the Women’s March pushing students to promote? Gun control and LESS safety at their own schools:

The priority policies we support are:

Banning Assault Weapons & High Capacity Magazines / S. 2095 / H.R. 5087

Expanding Background Checks to All Gun Sales / S. 2009 / H.R. 4052

Passing Gun Violence Restraining Order Law / S. 1212/ H.R. 2598

Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act / S.1856 / H.R. 1556

The priority policies we oppose are:

Conceal Carry Reciprocity HR 38 / S 446

Any legislation that would aim to fortify our schools with more guns.

Not all students fell prey to the political agenda being pushed by the left. There were students in New Hampshire who decided they weren’t having any of the gun control hysteria that is being pushed. These students wanted to honor the Parkland students but also showed their support for the 2nd Amendment.

The intention of the walkout was to read the Parkland students’ names but there was always implied gun control in planning of the event. It was not supposed to be political but was made political.

One student posted on Facebook what their intentions were:

At his particular school, teachers were not allowed to participate in the walkout and most made no commentary on it or what the kids were doing in this particular school. One teacher did make a comment that was indeed telling:

If there’s anything that needs to be done, it’s always the kids.

It’s bad enough the left bathes in the blood of children within minutes of their deaths. The left is now choosing to further victimize children by abusing them to push their extreme political agenda.

Fortunately, not all students have been indoctrinated with the mindset that goes against their own rights and the rights of their parents to protect them.