Which Colin Van Ostern would govern NH? The sleazy political operative

Which Van Ostern would governor New Hampshire?

Last night NH1 News held a gubernatorial debate between Democrat Colin Van Ostern and Republican Chris Sununu. It was probably the most contentious debate in the series they’ve been holding all week. Both men instantly starting going at each other based on their experience and votes. Ironic that both men sat on the Executive Council together.

Van Ostern is quite an odd person. Not only was it discovered that he changed his legal name from Kevin Colin Van Ostern O’Loughlin to simply Colin Van Ostern but he recently dyed his hair a darker color for the final two weeks of the gubernatorial race. Odd indeed since it’s not like he was just trying to cover up a few gray hairs or something. Even Adam Sexton from WMUR remarked about it on Twitter:

These are just sort of creepy superficial oddities about Van Ostern. What’s far worse is that the majority of his career and experience has been as a political operative for the Democrat Party.

Van Ostern’s career in a nutshell

From 2000 up through 2010, Van Ostern did nothing but work as a political operative on Democrat campaigns. That’s quite a long time period to be working on nothing but campaigns. Suddenly in 2011, Van Ostern got a job in the private sector with Stonyfield Yogurt. Seems it was an intentional transition in order to help boost his odds of becoming a candidate rather than an operative because Granite Staters would frown upon someone who has just been a political operative his entire career. What’s interesting is it was just discovered via Wikileaks that Stonyfield Yogurt also happens to be in bed with establishment Democrats.

Stonyfield Executives were giving the Hillary Clinton campaign pointers on how to beat Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary when it comes to the GMO labeling issue. Clinton is against GMO labeling and Sanders was not. From an email titled Heads up about a big missed opportunity for HRC in NH that you all really want to fix for the next time:

Debbie and I have been working very closely together and of course have been comparing notes on how we can best aid HRC.  But one idea jumped at me after her visit to Keene last week.

In NH, this is a big deal.  It will be debated in the legislature again this year and of course VT’s labeling law takes effect in July. I have been hearing about many local HRC gatherings in which her lack of clarity on labeling is one reason that many activists are still on the fence about her.

Clearly, Stonyfield isn’t exactly concerned with what is best for Granite Staters when it comes to politics so why not help the political operative in order to further boost his political career? Van Ostern was only at Stonyfield for a year but it was enough “private sector” experience for him to use in order to make his way onto New Hampshire’s Executive Council in 2012.

It was on the executive council that Van Ostern showed that he is not an independent thinker and just does whatever he is told by the Democrat Party. He never once argued against anything Governor Maggie Hassan put in front of him. He never questioned contracts and was just a rubber stamp. That’s hardly an example of what Granite Staters need in a governor.

Van Ostern’s rubber stamp and corporate welfare

Van Ostern has pushed through and rallied for the corporate welfare of Planned Parenthood. He pushes to give this multi-million-dollar organization hundreds of thousands of hard-earned New Hampshire taxpayer dollars even though their CEO earns $500,000 per year; they earn hundreds of millions in revenues a year and spend over $1 million just in lobbying in Northern New England every year. Why does Van Ostern do this? Because Planned Parenthood will help him get elected and re-elected over and over again.

There are homeless Veterans in New Hampshire. The money that is given to a multi-million-dollar organization like Planned Parenthood could be used to help those Veterans; instead it’s used for political pay back. Taxpayers are already paying for low-income women to get reproductive care through Medicaid and now Obamacare subsidies. Planned Parenthood has never needed the money, they do it for political power and Van Ostern willingly gives away taxpayer dollars to them without a second thought.

New Hampshire, as with many states, is at a crossroads. Most have had it with “establishment party politics” as was seen when Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton in the primary. Maggie Hassan is a superdelegate for the Democrat Party and didn’t care one bit what her own party’s voters wanted, she has always supported Clinton. Van Ostern is no different.

Democrat Party political operatives are some of the sleaziest, deceptive and morally bankrupt people that work in politics today. They are exactly what regular voters have become absolutely disgusted with in general.

Van Ostern spent the majority of his career as a political operative and that’s exactly how he’ll run New Hampshire if elected governor. It won’t matter what Granite Staters want. It won’t even matter to Van Ostern what the members of his own party want. Van Ostern will rule the state how the establishment of the Democrat Party directs him to through corruption, collusion, backroom deals and out-of-state dark money. New Hampshire deserves better.