Why are Dick Hinch and Shawn Jasper choosing sides in primary races?

Why is the Republican Speaker choosing sides in the primary races? Photo from Granite Grok.

By Steve MacDonald

Yesterday, Republican House Majority Leader Dick Hinch, a member of the Merrimack Republican delegation, and House Speaker Shawn Jasper, filed an independent expenditure report with the Secretary of State (from the Committee to Elect House Republicans).

The letter lists the names of eight of the thirteen Republicans running in the NH House primary in the town of Merrimack, New Hampshire. None of the Conservative Republican incumbents received support. You can view the full list below.

Hinch and Jasper are also playing favorites with first-time candidates. John Washburn benefited from an independent expenditure but neither Dan Hynes nor David McCray–both pro-liberty smaller-government Republican primary candidates are beneficiaries.

And it’s not just Merrimack. If you live in Bedford, Bow, Derry, Epsom, Hudson, Londonderry, Pelham, or Raymond, you’ll find some of your reps on this list.  The Committee to elect House Republicans spent almost $12,000.00 dollars in GOP Primary races on a who’s-who of RINO incumbents from eight southern New Hampshire towns.

Why are Dick Hinch and Shawn Jasper spending NH House Republican PAC money to pick winners and losers in Republican primaries? Why are they deliberately excluding small-government, pro-liberty candidates? Is this a sign that House leadership has abandoned these once closely help Republican party principles?

Voters need to decide whether or not this is important or appropriate.

Or, they could just thank Hinch and Jasper for red flagging a list of reps. up reelection who are less likely to fight for low taxes, smaller government, and individual liberty.