Will Chris Sununu govern like Kasich who increased spending, government and lies in Ohio?

Everything Sununu says he's against, Kasich has implemented in Ohio. Photo by Kimberly Morin

By Kimberly Morin

Today it was announced that Ohio’s Governor John Kasich is going to stump for Chris Sununu in the Republican primary for governor. Kasich spent a lot of time in New Hampshire last year during his failed run for President. While Kasich was in New Hampshire, Political Buzz actually got Kasich to admit that he went around congress and the will of Ohioans to shove Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion down their throats.

Kasich spoke to the New Hampshire Legislature last year where he repeated his lies about Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. Kasich was pushing the huge medical welfare program and using Ohio as an example. Of course, he didn’t bother telling legislators that Medicaid Expansion in Ohio is already over budget by $1.5 billion. Facts don’t seem to matter to Kasich when he’s pushing his failed record.

Kasich’s lies about Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

Jason Hart, an actual Ohioan, wrote an article calling out Kasich for the lies he was telling Granite Staters while on the campaign trail. From Medium:

The General Assembly did vote on Kasich’s Obamacare expansion: they voted against it. Kasich struck the legislature’s ban on Obamacare expansion using a line-item veto, and then his administration expanded Medicaid unilaterally.

“We have a Controlling Board and it’s made up of members of the legislature, appointed by the leadership,” Kasich told voters in New Hampshire. “And the leaders said, ‘We will pass it through the Controlling Board.’ Now I didn’t just do this on my own, young lady, I did it with the blessing of the leadership and we got it done.”

The Controlling Board exists to make minor appropriations consistent with the enacted policies of the General Assembly. Kasich used the Controlling Board to appropriate billions in new federal welfare spending after the General Assembly explicitly forbade the state from accepting said welfare spending.

The Controlling Board (which Kasich neglects to mention is chaired by an appointee of the governor’s office) approved the Kasich administration’s request after the Kasich administration threatened to bankrupt the entire Ohio Medicaid program if Obamacare expansion funding was not appropriated.

You can listen to the entire exchange here:

Kasich’s refusal to even say the words ‘Common Core’

On top of Kasich’s support for huge welfare programs he is also a supporter of Common Core. He actually pretended he didn’t know what Common Core was when questioned by a young man during a Presidential Town Hall in New Hampshire. Kasich lies that he is for local control of education and higher standards. He supported Common Core in Ohio despite a majority being against it.

Everything Sununu claims to be against – Obamacare, Common Core, government mandates – Kasich implemented in Ohio. By having Kasich stump for him during the gubernatorial race, Sununu is implying that he’ll be the same type of failed governor that Kasich has been.

Sununu will ignore the will of the people; conduct end runs around the legislature and put massive new welfare programs into place that keep able-bodied people stuck in a cycle of poverty. All while pushing horrific education standards that hurt Granite State children. What else can voters assume when Sununu brings an out-of-state governor into New Hampshire who has done everything listed above to support him?

You can watch a video below of Sununu claiming to be against the very things Kasich put into place in Ohio: