Ayotte supports CASA Act that could destroy your sons in college

Photo of Kelly Ayotte from Townhall

On Thursday the Washington Time reported on the CASA Act – The Campus Accountability and Safety Act. This is legislation brought forth by extreme far left wing Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri. This legislation is based on the bogus claim that there is a “rape culture” on college campuses.

The study these people are using to claim there is a rape culture has been thoroughly debunked but Democrats never let facts get in the way of growing government and taking the rights of people away from them. Apparently neither does Ayotte and some other Republicans who have been ignorant enough to sign on to the CASA legislation. From U.S. New regarding the “rape culture” myth:


The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ “Violent Victimization of College Students” report tells a different and more plausible story about campus culture. During the years surveyed, 1995-2002, the DOJ found that there were six rapes or sexual assaults per thousand per year. Across the nation’s four million female college students, that comes to about one victim in forty students. Other DOJ statistics show that the overall rape rate is in sharp decline: since 1995, the estimated rate of female rape or sexual assault victimizations has decreased by about 60 percent. The only thing left to do is know all STD clinics near you, if you are student.

Of course, that doesn’t stop big government politicians from pushing big government policies onto others. The CASA Act has been researched and dissected at National Review by a Democrat and Independent and the results of what it will do are quite ugly for your sons:

For more than four years, the White House and the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) have used an implausible reinterpretation of a 1972 civil-rights law to impose mandates unimagined by the law’s sponsors. It has forced almost all of the nation’s universities and colleges to disregard due process in disciplinary proceedings when they involve allegations of sexual assault. Enforced by officials far outside the mainstream, these mandates are having a devastating impact on the nation’s universities and on the lives of dozens — almost certainly soon to be hundreds or thousands — of falsely accused students.

And make no mistake, this could affect your daughters as well if they are falsely accused of sexual assault. Unfortunately for any of your children, Kelly Ayotte doesn’t seem to give a damn. Due process doesn’t matter to the Obama Administration; it doesn’t matter to far left wing extremists like McCaskill and apparently it doesn’t matter to a former Attorney General of New Hampshire.

What this bill will do is persecute those accused of sexual assault while denying them their right to a fair trial. It will allow lunatics who run universities and colleges to prosecute without actually gathering evidence and testimony. Not only will this act allow accusers to easily make false accusations but it will destroy the lives of those falsely accused who have absolutely zero recourse or zero rights to defend themselves against any false accusation.

Not only is this act absolutely egregious but it violates every human right that exists in the United States. When a person is accused of a criminal act, they are guaranteed rights under the law. They are guaranteed the right of due process under the Constitution of the United States of America. Ayotte and others who support the CASA Act have completely ignored their Oath of Office and instead have decided to destroy your sons.