Bloviating Billionaire Bloomberg Pushes Gun Control Democrats in NH

Michael Bloomberg is spending lots of $$ to push gun control in NH Photo by TheBlaze

On Saturday, the “Godfather of Gun Control,” New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg, spoke at a “Moms Demand” event in Nashua to push several hardcore gun control candidates for the November election. All candidates are Democrats, of course, and Bloomberg’s visit is thought by some to be a glimpse of a possible presidential run in 2020.

Moms Demand is one of the astroturfing organizations Bloomberg started after his Mayors Against Illegal Guns failed. Bloomberg is also the founder of Everytown for Gun Safety. None of these organizations teach anything about actual gun safety but they are all organizations that push extreme gun control. Bloomberg has been trying to push New York-style gun control in New Hampshire for years.

Who are the extreme gun control candidates Bloomberg is pushing?

Chris Pappas, U.S. House District 1
Jan Schmidt, State House District Hillsborough 28
Sue Newman, State House District Hillsborough 29
Linda Harriott-Gathright, State House District Hillsborough 36
Robin Skudlarek, State House District Rockingham 5
Michelle Sawyer-Moge, State House District Rockingham 6
Liz McConnell, State House District Rockingham 11

Of course, Bloomberg knows absolutely nothing about the Granite State. During his visit he talked about legislation that he gives credit to his minions of Moms Demand for stopping:

He also thanked gun safety activists in New Hampshire for helping to defeat earlier this year in the Statehouse “two bad bills that would have forced colleges to allow guns on campus and punish cities and towns for enacting strong guns laws. You did that. You did stop them.”

The first bill he is referring to wasn’t supported by anyone in the 2nd Amendment Community and the representative who sponsored the legislation, Brian Stone, didn’t even testify on behalf of his own bill. It’s up to college students to push for campus carry, not half-witted legislators. If students fought for this, they would have the full support of 2nd Amendment activists.

The second bill he’s referring to shows just how much Bloomberg doesn’t know about New Hampshire. It is already against state law for cities and towns to enact their own gun laws. The legislation he is referring to also wasn’t supported by most in the 2nd Amendment community because it was a poorly written bill.  Moms Demand had nothing to do with killing that bill, intelligent people across the state did.

Of course, he didn’t mention all the actual gun control legislation that has failed since Moms Demand started sending a few people to the State House. At one point, Bloomberg hired 11 lobbyists in the state! Bloomberg also made no mention of the fact that New Hampshire is now a “Constitutional Carry” state, thanks to actual grassroots 2nd Amendment activists.

Jim Donchess, Mayor of Nashua, as with most elected Democrats, is as out-of-touch about Granite Staters as Bloomberg. He made the following comment to the Associated Press:

Donchess told The Associated Press that if Bloomberg ultimately decides on running for the Democratic presidential nomination, he may fare well in New Hampshire thanks to his advocacy on gun safety.

Not only is New Hampshire one of the safest states in the country but it has a very large contingent of 2nd Amendment activists, which is why no gun control measure has passed despite the many attempts by Democrats to push them. In fact, when Constitutional Carry was being pushed a few years ago, the senate hearing was so large they moved it to Representatives Hall where, out of four hours of testimony, only four gun control supporters spoke and they were all paid lobbyists, except for one.

Bloomberg may be bloviating about gun control in New Hampshire while pushing Democrat extremists to be elected, but he’s barking up the wrong liberty tree. New Hampshire’s motto is “Live Free or Die,” not “we believe gun control extremists who lie.”