All Charges Dropped Against Manchester Mom Protecting her Family

Today, the Manchester Police Chief personally called Manchester Mom, Alycia Neely, to let her know that the charges brought against her last week were dropped. Political Buzz reported that Neely was arrested for child endangerment because she had a firearm in the glove box of her vehicle and a child in the front seat. This all happened during a routine traffic stop.

Neely told her story and it certainly didn’t paint the picture of a mother endangering any children. If anything, it showed a mom who wanted to protect herself and her children. Recall from the previous article:

Neely was driving in the right-hand lane on her way to I-293 when she was pulled over. Officer Smith was to her left. When Smith asked her for her license and registration, Neely told the officer that her registration was in her glove box next to her handgun.

Neely was told that she “endangered” the kids because she had a loaded firearm in close proximity to one of them.

Neely was released on her own personal recognizance and is due in court on November 28th. She was told by the Manchester Police Department that she wasn’t allowed to get a copy of the police report and had to send her attorney to retrieve it.

There was outrage in the 2nd Amendment community and among some New Hampshire State Legislators because there were no laws that appeared to be broken. As a result of her “wrongful” arrest, Neely also lost her job at the Sununu Youth Services Center, without being allowed to actually explain what happened.

Political Buzz reached out to Chief Nick Willard who made the following statement:

After consulting with City Solicitor Emily Rice, we made a collective determination that we were not going to go forward with prosecuting the case against Alysia Neely, as such her charges have been Nol Prossed.

Nol Prossed is legal jargon for “case dismissed” or “charges dropped.”

Neely and her family have been devastated by the incidents that have occurred over the past week and were extremely relieved to hear about the charges being dropped. Neely also gave a statement to Political Buzz:

Although the mistakes made on behalf of MPD and DCYF have caused myself and my family a great deal of grief, I believe dropping the charges against me is a good step towards repairing the damage that was done to my life.

Neely is still without a means to support her two children as their sole provider. She has been working with youth for a very long time and Neely can’t imagine doing anything else. Sununu Youth Services Center “jumped the gun” and never let her have her day in court. Hopefully, they see the light.

Neely’s attorney said that he will also move forward to get the arrest completely annulled from her record.


A site called “Don’t Let This Injustice Stand” has been set up to help this woman try to pay lawyer fees and potentially help with familial expenses since she was fired from her job.