Gubernatorial primaries in NH: Think before you vote

Who will win the corner office?

By Kimberly Morin

Tuesday is the big primary day in New Hampshire. Voters from across the state will nominate the person they want to lead their respective parties in the general election. Political Buzz has written about various candidates and wants to remind voters how important voting is, especially on the local level. You can find your polling place by going to the State of New Hampshire website or visiting your local city or town clerk’s website.

There have been debates, mailers, door knockers, phone calls and meeting the candidate events across the state for the past several months. Unfortunately, commercials and candidates don’t often tell the full truth about their own records or what their candidacy would really look like. Political Buzz has published several stories on various races so would like to give a bit of a review and reminder for those who will be voting tomorrow.

Gubernatorial race 

Before voting in the primary next week, it would behoove voters to actually look into the records of the candidates running. Most candidates will simply spew whatever nonsense it is they think voters want to hear. Meanwhile, their voting records speak volumes about their true behavior. In a circus filled with clowns, Granite Staters need to support a ringmaster, someone who can actually lead the state rather than put on a show.


Chris Sununu likes to tout his business leadership at Waterville Valley, except research shows that not only has he lied about his investors of Waterville Valley, he’s lied about being a successful leader:

Chris Sununu hasn’t run Waterville Valley successfully. The residents of the town as well as other locals counted on him to follow through with his plans and finally had some hope that the ski resort would become the top quality resort it could be. Unfortunately, under Sununu’s leadership that hasn’t happened.

Sununu not only lied about local investors but showed questionable judgment by having investors who were under investigation for years over ties with Islamic terrorists. Safa still has questionable ties to this day. He also didn’t come through on any of the plans he promised. If Sununu can’t honestly and successfully run a ski resort in a town with 300 residents depending upon him, how in the hell can he run the entire Granite State with over 1.3 million residents depending upon him?

Ted Gatsas likes to continue the claim that he’s for local control of education yet when he had the chance to fight against Common Core and the federal government, he cowered in the corner. He lied to parents and let down students. He cannot be trusted to fight them as governor if he couldn’t be bothered as mayor:

He wouldn’t even stand up for children against New Hampshire’s Department of Education, does anyone really think he’ll have the fortitude to stand up to the federal government as governor?

Education is one of the most important issues affecting the United States today and especially in New Hampshire where education is extremely important for the livelihood of the state. Granite Staters can’t afford to have a governor with a proven record of bending over for federal government mandates rather than fighting for what’s best for New Hampshire children.

Jeanie Forrester has been claiming she’s the “most conservative” candidate in the race. Unfortunately, her vote for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion proves otherwise:

It’s very simple to find out the truth by looking at places like Project Vote Smart or even the New Hampshire legislature’s website to see how Forrester voted on Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. The bill was Senate Bill 413 and Forrester was one of the Republicans who went along with Democrats to vote for this massive medical welfare program to be forced upon Granite Staters. A program that provides medical welfare to able-bodied, single adults who have zero requirements to actually work. And the thing is, her vote wasn’t needed to get it passed. She chose to vote for Obamacare, she wasn’t pressured to by her fellow Republicans to do so.

So while Forrester runs around the state claiming she’s the only “real conservative” in the Republican primary, voters ought to really check out her record. She’s hardly conservative and she’s now also been outed as a liar. Not exactly the stellar example of a candidate anyone would want in office.

Frank Edelblut isn’t a career political hack nor does he have any skeletons in his closet like all three of the other candidates. Edelblut has won every important grassroots endorsement across the state and has been winning the hearts and minds of Granite Staters who have had it with the insider political phonies who will say one thing to get elected and do another thing once in office:

While the other candidates in the primary may have name recognition, something they don’t have are records to back up fiscal conservatism. At a time when New Hampshire is in desperate need for change in the governor’s office, it seems there is only one candidate who stands out from the crowd. Based on Edelblut’s voting record and past, it seems obvious who that is. Edelblut doesn’t just talk the talk, he actually walks the walk for smaller government and more freedom. It’s the “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire way.


The Democrats running in the gubernatorial primary aren’t really much different. They all want to increase taxes, increase government spending, increase government and decrease freedom. Kevin “Colin Van Ostern” O’Laughlin is a career political hack who tries to claim his few years of experience in business as some sort of a plus.

Van Ostern is also a man-child who is obsessed with bringing a failed commuter rail train to the Granite State despite the majority of Granite Staters having absolutely zero interest in another behemoth taxpayer-funded failure.

He’s also to the extreme of the majority of New Hampshire, including those who are pro-choice, when it comes to abortion. Like Planned Parenthood, his favorite corporate welfare scam artists, he is for abortion on demand, for any reason up until the day before a woman is due to give birth.

Every Democrat running for governor is completely ignorant about gun control and wants to put more gun control into place in the ‘safest state on Planet Earth:’

All three Democrats show how ignorant and uninformed they are when it comes to current laws. They cite claims that are completely opposite of the truth. They use bogus statistics and studies to back up their false narrative which makes them look absolutely foolish to those who do have a clue. They are using these bogus studies because they have little to no respect for Granite Staters.

Not only will all three men ban firearms but they will push gun control so that New Hampshire is no longer one of the safest places on Planet Earth but more like Chicago, a bastion of gun control with some of the highest gun violence in the country. A Democrat haven.

The gubernatorial race is probably the most important state race in New Hampshire this election cycle. After Hassan’s failed reign as governor and before her Lynch’s big government, big spending reign as governor, Granite Staters desperately need a change in leadership. The state cannot continue to increase spending and government in the ways they have under Democrats, including some Republicans who helped bring that into place (those like Jeanie Forrester who voted for Medicaid Expansion).

Everyone who cares about the state should get out and vote tomorrow. Look up voting records and news stories about each candidate. Don’t believe the hype. They each have records; their records speak volumes about the type of people they would be if elected to the corner office.