The Ignorance and Delusion of the ‘Gun Control Now’ Crowd


By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday in Jacksonville, a 24-year-old Baltimore man decided to murder multiple people during a video-game tournament. Within minutes of the murders being announced, the “Gun Control Now” crowd was demanding more gun control without knowing a single fact about the murderer. Once again, they were dipping their hands in the blood of victims in order to push their agenda.

According to news reports, Katz lives in Maryland. Florida, where he decided to murder innocent humans, does not have “reciprocity” with Maryland; therefore, Katz already broke one of their beloved gun control laws by illegally possessing a firearm in the state. The venue for the tournament also had rules in place deeming it a gun free zone.

Katz also violated federal gun control law. If you are not able to legally possess a firearm in the state in which you are visiting (and not just driving through), you are not legally allowed to bring a firearm to said state. There are specific federal laws on traveling with firearms and Katz violated them.

It’s unclear if Katz legally purchased the firearm used in the murders but it is 100% clear he was illegally in possession of the firearm in the State of Florida. Of course, the fact that he violated gun control laws (on top of breaking the law against murder) doesn’t stop some from pushing more gun control.

Their ignorance of existing gun control laws stirs their delusion that putting more gun control laws into place will somehow stop criminals from gaining access to firearms or stop criminals from murdering people. When asked, most gun control proponents have no idea what new gun control laws would actually prevent such a horrific occurrence from happening.

The “Gun Control Now” crowd would rather blame the NRA (the world’s largest gun safety training organization) and all law-abiding gun owners than look at the real issue. No inanimate object causes a human to commit murder. Only a human can use an inanimate object (or in some cases their own hands and fists) to end the life of another human. Until people start looking at the human issue behind these monsters who choose to kill others, there will never be a solution.

Most people pushing for more gun control have zero clue what gun control laws currently exist (there are literally thousands of laws across the country). They also don’t understand that gun control laws only inhibit law-abiding citizens from legally purchasing firearms to actually protect themselves from monsters like Katz.

Somehow, the “Gun Control Now” crowd thinks a psychopath intent on murdering innocent people is suddenly going to follow new gun control laws. Yes, their ignorance and delusion are that strong.