Is Planned Parenthood Diverting Taxpayer Funds While Committing Campaign Violations?

Today, a complaint has been filed with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office that accuses Planned Parenthood of Northern England of not only using taxpayer funds for politicking but also for violating campaign finance laws. New Hampshire Right to Life filed the complaint this morning via their attorney.

There are several actual complaints regarding campaign finance violations. You can read the entire complaint below:

PP Campaign Finance Complaint


The supporting documents in question can be found here.

One of the complaints is that Planned Parenthood is colluding with a candidate. PACS are not allowed to coordinate with candidates per federal law. The candidate in particular is Gray Chynoweth who is running for Executive Councilor in the Fourth District. It is the Executive Council in New Hampshire that votes to fund Planned Parenthood with taxpayer money.

Planned Parenthood has increased their political payouts and politicking (for mostly Democrats) exponentially since the early nineties. Electing politicians who will then vote to give them a big payout seems to be big business for the multi-million-dollar organization.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has been in trouble for this type of behavior before but last time it was in Vermont where they agreed to pay $30,000 to settle the Attorney General’s claim against them:

The Action Fund claims that it did not make contributions directly to campaigns, and as such, it is except from contribution limitations.  According to Green Mountain Outlook, a Vermont news source, the state found that Planned Parenthood had another Political Action Committee (PAC) that did make direct contributions to campaigns. Given the close connection between the PAC and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England Action Fund, the state believed that the Action Fund could not claim that it made only independent spending decisions.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England also spends $1 million every year on lobbying efforts to demand more of taxpayers’ hard-earned money from people like Gray Chynoweth. Maybe, instead of spending all that money on lobbying and politicking, they could use that to “help” the women they say need their help. Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to aid and abet the political or lobbying activities of ANY organization.