Jeanie Forrester is lying about her record on Obamacare

Jeanie Forrester is lying about opposing Obamacare. Photo scraped from her public Facebook page

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday Jeanie Forrester, candidate for governor in the Republican primary and current New Hampshire State Senator, signed the Americans for Prosperity Pledge. The pledge states that the signers will cut taxes and fees; cut spending and government; pass Right-to-Work and oppose all forms of Obamacare in New Hampshire. It also states that the signer will uphold both the New Hampshire Constitution and the United States Constitution.

Forrester claims she is the “only conservative” running in the Republican primary yet she leaves out an extremely important fact about her voting record – she voted for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion when it was first shoved down the throats of Granite Staters back in 2014. Somehow her pledge to oppose all forms of Obamacare rings hollow. Seems Forrester was for Obamacare before it became politically expedient to be against it while running for governor.

Forrester has even gone so far as to create a Facebook ad that asks “Since when do Republicans like Obamacare?” Ironic since she is a Republican who voted for Obamacare. Does Forrester believe that voters are that stupid or that they are too lazy to look into her record?  Probably a little of both. Her ad says it all.

It’s very simple to find out the truth by looking at places like Project Vote Smart or even the New Hampshire legislature’s website to see how Forrester voted on Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. The bill was Senate Bill 413 and Forrester was one of the Republicans who went along with Democrats to vote for this massive medical welfare program to be forced upon Granite Staters. A program that provides medical welfare to able-bodied, single adults who have zero requirements to actually work. And the thing is, her vote wasn’t needed to get it passed. She chose to vote for Obamacare, she wasn’t pressured to by her fellow Republicans to do so.

So while Forrester runs around the state claiming she’s the only “real conservative” in the Republican primary, voters ought to really check out her record. She’s hardly conservative and she’s now also been outed as a liar. Not exactly the stellar example of a candidate anyone would want in office.