Kittery Trading Post Protest: Ignorance Rules the Day for the Gun Control Crowd

By Kimberly Morin

Today, two pro-gun control organizations decided to protest Kittery Trading Post (KTP) in Kittery, Maine. Their beef with KTP? In the gun shop, semi-automatic rifles are sold. Of course, neither “Resistance Seacoast” or “Kittery Trading Post Action Group” know exactly what a semi-automatic rifle is but that doesn’t stop them from trying to have certain ones banned.

Of course, the fact that a semi-automatic rifle isn’t an “assault weapon” doesn’t even cross their minds. The only thing they seek to push is their gun control agenda. From their event site:

Semiautomatic rifles have been used in some of the country’s deadliest shootings, such as those in Newtown, Orlando, San Bernardino and Las Vegas. Do we really want these weapons of mass destruction in our neighborhood? Kittery Trading Post continues to sell these assault weapons that can quickly kill large numbers of people. Unlike KTP, major retailers like Dicks sporting goods, Walmart, L.L. Bean, and REI have suspended sales of high capacity weaponry.

It doesn’t matter criminals use hands and fists to murder others more than they use rifles (maybe those particular lives don’t really matter).  It doesn’t matter that all of these places were gun free zones where people weren’t allowed to protect themselves from the very criminals the gun control crowd enables.

It also doesn’t matter to the gun control crowd that an AR-15 style rifle is not a “military weapon.” If the United States Military used semi-automatic rifles in combat, there would BE no United States Military left.

Facts don’t matter to people so ignorant they demand the government take their own rights away. The photos really say it all.

This woman believes the 2nd Amendment referred to only muskets. Maybe she should really be practicing her 1st Amendment right using parchment paper and a quill:

This woman didn’t want to take the effort to just demand all firearms be banned. Millions of people own semi-automatic firearms. It appears she probably doesn’t know what that actually means:

The guy on the right thinks a semi-automatic firearm is a “WMD” aka “weapon of mass destruction.” It doesn’t register in his brain that semi-automatic rifles work exactly the same way as semi-automatic handguns – both firearm types are fired the same way and can only be fired as fast as the human firing them can pull the trigger:

There was also a large group of pro-2nd Amendment supporters who showed up to support KTP and counter the ignorance of those who seek to take their rights away. Gun Owners of Maine were there as well as 2nd Amendment activists from Maine and New Hampshire:

As the elderly population of gun control protesters dwindled down throughout the event, the counter protesters seemed to grow. Some said they specifically went to KTP that day to support the company and make a purchase because of the KTP protesters:

Throughout the event, KTP was flashing the Bill of Rights on their Entrance sign. It seems KTP actually supports the entire Bill of Rights, unlike the people protesting in front of their store.

There was a vast difference between the protesters and counter protesters. The KTP protesters appeared to be throwback hippy hoplophobes who probably protested the government as “the man” back in their heyday but now demand that very same “man” take their fundamental human right to self defense away.

The counter protesters support the Bill of Rights and support an individual’s fundamental human right to self-defense. One protester pointed out that the 2nd Amendment is indeed a civil rights issue.

There also appeared to be far more support from the general public for the 2nd Amendment supporters as opposed to the people pushing to infringe upon the rights of the general public. KTP was certainly busy all day. One man even purchased a rifle because of the KTP protesters.

Once again, gun control groups help gun sales. It seems to be the trend since Michael Bloomberg started pushing his failed organizations across the country.

KTP has no plans of ending sales of any semi-automatic rifles. The support of KTP in this effort far, far outweighs the whimpering ignorance of the gun control crowd.