Maggie Hassan ‘admits’ Hillary Clinton isn’t honest or trustworthy

Hassan's painfully awkward responses about Clinton.

Today in an interview with CNN, Governor Maggie Hassan was asked three times if she believed Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy. Hassan ignored the questions and refused to answer them. In what was a painfully awkward interview, Hassan essentially “admitted” that she agrees with a huge majority of the country – Hillary Clinton isn’t honest or trustworthy.

What’s truly ironic is Hassan and fellow New Hampshire Democrats have lambasted Senator Kelly Ayotte for anything and everything that Trump says on the campaign trail while ignoring the horror show that is Hillary Clinton’s political past.

All this while Hassan endorsed Clinton long before the New Hampshire primary, disregarding Democrat voters as a super delegate for the Democrat Party. Of course, Bernie Sanders trounced Clinton in the primary. That never stopped Hassan’s support for Clinton. It’s always about party politics for her, never about the “will of the people.”

From a previous story pointing out Hassan’s hypocrisy:

The list of Clinton corruption and horrific behavior goes on and on and on. Actual things she has done over the years that show she is completely unfit to serve in any capacity of government. Yet Democrats don’t seem to care. They slam Ayotte for the things Trump says as if she has any control over him. Meanwhile their own candidate would be in prison right now if her last name wasn’t Clinton. Hassan is beyond hypocritical for her statements. Democrats should clean their own house before demanding anyone else clean theirs.

According to CNN, they received a phone call from the Hassan campaign after the interview aired claiming that she does indeed believe Clinton is honest and trustworthy. This is probably more disturbing that her pathetic interview responses. If Hassan believes Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy, she clearly doesn’t have the aptitude to serve the best interests of Granite Staters.