Mark Kelly admits to pushing gun control in NH for political gain

Mark Kelly during Senate hearing
Yesterday as Mark Kelly, while paid gun control lobbyist for Americans for Responsible Solutions, pushed a new organization in one of the safest states in the country, the truth came out. During an interview with WMUR, Kelly admitted that the reason they are shoving gun control down the throats of Granite Staters is all for political gain.

Of course it isn’t about gun violence because there is no gun violence problem in New Hampshire. There never has been a gun violence problem in the state. It shows that gun control lobbyists and advocates aren’t interested in the safety of the citizens but in control. From WMUR:

Kelly said one of the reasons the couple picked New Hampshire to launch their campaign is because of the state’s prominent role in the presidential election. He said he hopes the candidates in both parties will discuss gun violence.

And there you have it. Launching yet another astroturf organization in New Hampshire paid for by the gun control lobby that has nothing to do with gun violence and everything to do with politics.

Kelly said their new coalition is bi-partisan and includes gun owners. Interesting that they never include anyone from any of the 2nd Amendment organizations in their little coalitions. Just like when Giffords came to New Hampshire previously to discuss “Protecting All women” and completely ignored the only active 2nd Amendment women’s organization in the state. Susan Olsen, Legislative Director for the Women’s Defense League had the following comment:

The Women’s Defense League of NH suggests that Mr. Kelly and Ms. Giffords read New Hampshire’s laws before lecturing its citizens on what it should and shouldn’t do. The League also finds the complicity of New Hampshire’s former first lady and House Speaker disappointing. Should any of the people on this Kabuki stage have an interest in understanding New Hampshire’s laws, the League stands by with sufficient patience to teach them.

It’s offensive to Granite Staters to have outsiders come into their state and tell them how they should change their laws. It’s egregious that these people don’t appear to know the current laws or the current crime statistics. Kelly and his wife came here for some perceived political gain. They plan on abusing New Hampshire residents by pushing their draconian gun control laws onto them so they can somehow gain traction with political candidates. Apparently they didn’t notice the big “you’re not welcome here” sign when they crossed the border.