NEA Rally: Gun Control, Gun Bans, LESS School Safety, More Money from Taxpayers

By Kimberly Morin

Yesterday, the National Education Association (NEA) of New Hampshire held a gun control rally at the state house in Concord. They handed out t-shirts, signs and some type of toy. They demanded “action now to save lives from gun violence

Megan Tuttle, President of the NEA in New Hampshire, lead the rally by talking about what educators should demand, everything from gun control to art classes to school nurses. Tuttle was basically demanding that taxpayers fork over even more money so the NEA can get more cash in their coffers. Remember, New Hampshire is a forced union state so even if employees don’t want any part of the union, they are still forced to pay an agency fee.

Tuttle actually believes that somehow, educators are supposed to be role models for justice:

Students who survived bullets and are no longer afraid of politicians and are leading the way to make their schools safer. Students who are calling for bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, stronger background checks and increased access to and funding for mental health resources.

Our role as educators has always been important but everything seems different now. Every day we must ask ourselves, what are we going to do to help. Now we must also ask ourselves, ‘how will I be a role model for justice?’

Ironic that it was educators and school administrators who did nothing to stop the Parkland Shooter, even though they knew full well he had issues, to the point he was actually expelled from the school. Are those the educators the NEA expects students and parents to rely on?

Of course, as with all those who push gun control, Tuttle wasn’t honest about statistics. She doesn’t want teachers to be armed as she feels schools would be like “prison.” She claims that firearms are “easy” for dangerous people to gain access to yet her gun control plans are only pushing laws that infringe upon law-abiding citizens who would never hurt any students.

Tuttle claims that only teachers know what it takes to make a classroom safe. If that were true, she would be demanding that students were protected the same way politicians at the state house and congress are protected, with armed security. Tuttle completely ignores the fact that over 98% of mass shootings take place in gun free zones:

There weren’t very many people at the rally, maybe 75 to 100. The NEA didn’t get a permit for the main state house plaza, just the sidewalk area in front. There appeared to be more people at the annual “420” rally supporting the legalization of marijuana. The typical gun control proponents were there though – Religious bigot Andru Volinsky, former Executive Councilor and now candidate for congress, Chris Pappas. Molly Kelly, proud of her desire to ban guns while running for governor, was also there.

There were also some detractors as well. It seems the gun-control supporting teachers don’t like the 1st Amendment either as they intentionally tried to block the signs of those who were peacefully protesting their protest:


It’s a sad commentary on public education if these are the type of people responsible for educating children. Apparently, they no longer teach the Bill of Rights in public schools and if they do, they ignore the truth about the 2nd Amendment. History is really interesting, it’s well documented but too many, especially on the left, tend to ignore it and intentionally don’t teach students the truth.

The NEA’s rally wasn’t about keeping students safe, it was about pushing an extreme left-wing ideology all while demanding taxpayers pay more money into the already over bloated public school budgets.