New Hampshire Democrats are Lying about ‘Believing Survivors’

Over the past several days, New Hampshire Democrats, especially Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan and Gubernatorial Candidate Molly Kelly, have gone out of their way to claim that all sexual assault claims and survivors should be believed and that they actually believe them. They are lying.

They are referring to the disgusting spectacle Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have created with the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A doctor of psychology, Dr. Christine Ford, claims Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her in 1982 but she doesn’t know the location, how she got to the “gathering” or how she got home, miles from the alleged, unknown location.

Ford named three other people who she claims were at the gathering, including one of her best friends, but none of them remember any party like what she claims and the other person allegedly in the room with Kavanaugh denies that ever happened. All witnesses wrote testimony under the penalty of perjury. These witnesses told the FBI the very same thing.

Of course, Senate Democrats don’t care that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. They have behaved in the most despicable way towards a man, who by all accounts, has held a stellar career all while empowering women throughout. The only other allegations that have come up have been beyond outrageous and ridiculous, including one about “high-school gang rape parties” from porn fame lawyer and the new face of the Democrat Party, Michael Avenatti (now known as the male version of Gloria Allred).

Shaheen, Hassan and Kelly have been pushing the false narrative that they “believe survivors” but the facts and their actions prove otherwise as these are three women who not only support Bill Clinton but supported his wife, who victimized his sexual assault victims and rape accuser.

Here are some examples from their social media pages:

Of course, the entire New Hampshire Democrat Party is just as hypocritical as these three. Indeed, they named their annual dinner after a known womanizer and accused rapist and serial sexual assaulter:

Yesterday it was reported by NHPR that the New Hampshire Democrat Party has decided to change the name of their annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Apparently, they decided to change the name due to controversy about slavery. But who did Democrats decide to honor instead? John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. A womanizer and a man accused by multiple women of sexual assault and accused at least once of actual rape.

Democrats changed the name of their dinner just this year after backlash from the “Me Too” movement.

Once again, Democrats prove they are hypocrites and liars. If they actually believed all survivors, like they claim, they would NEVER have stood side-by-side with Bill Clinton nor would they have supported his wife, who treated his victims horribly. They are simply pushing they tall tale they “believe survivors” in order to gin up votes from ignorant voters who don’t know the truth about their actual behavior towards actual survivors with factual evidence and corroborating witnesses.

Democrats have also revealed to Granite Staters that they do not believe in one of the fundamental rules of law in this country – innocent until proven guilty. Political opinion based on mob rule and bogus claims is no way to run this country or to corrode processes that should be of the highest standards.

New Hampshire voters deserve to know the truth about Democrats and they deserve to be treated better than how Democrats are treating them. As women, especially, Shaheen, Hassan and Kelly should be ashamed of their hypocrisy and lies to other women. They are hurting actual sexual assault survivors and they don’t seem to care one bit because it isn’t politically expedient.