New Year’s Resolution for NH Politicians – Stop Lying to Voters

By Kimberly Morin

January 1st is usually a day of reflection for many people over the previous year. It’s also a day where people create New Year’s Resolutions to make some sort of change in the new year. Political Buzz decided it might be a good time to create a New Year’s Resolution for politicians in New Hampshire, of any political affiliation, to stop lying to voters.

It’s really quite simple. If you want to pass legislation, use facts about it to explain why to voters. If you oppose legislation, use facts about it to explain why to voters.

Unfortunately, there are too many politicians who chose to lie about legislation to voters. That has to stop. Voters deserve better than to have elected officials lie to them about changes they seek to make in New Hampshire laws. Lying does no one any good and it keeps voters uninformed. That’s simply not fair to Granite Staters.

Below are some of the whoppers that have been told and are being told on previous legislation and upcoming legislation:

Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

This was the biggest welfare program thrust upon Granite Staters in decades. Republicans were able to hold off on this until a couple of them who are no longer in office, decided to cave and vote this behemoth entitlement program for able-bodied, childless adults who can work. Democrats didn’t care about the outcome or how to pay, they wanted it no matter what. Other Republicans decided they’d pass it but with a hitch – they added a “sunset clause” which stated that once the federal government no longer paid for the program 100%, they would end it.

They lied.

Not only has the program been re-authorized, with Republicans leading the way, but they used a scam that the federal government didn’t like to fund it. Either way, New Hampshire taxpayers and medical care consumers are the ones paying the price for this huge medical welfare program. They’ll be looking to re-authorize it again in the upcoming year and they’ll lie about it yet again.

Constitutional Carry

There are lies, damn lies and then there are gun-control addicts’ lies. Not only did Democrats lie about this legislation, which ended almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination against citizens, but the New Hampshire Chiefs of Police Association lied about it as well as Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown organization and even a Manchester Alderman.

They made bizarre claims likening all law-abiding citizens to criminals while neglecting the fact that New Hampshire citizens were, indeed, being discriminated against by the state.

‘Gender Identity’ Bill

Last year Democrats and out-of-state organizations pushed a “Gender Identity” bill or “Trans Bill” claiming that trans people in New Hampshire don’t have the same protections against discrimination as everyone else.

They lied.

It was discovered that everyone has the same protections against discrimination in the state and in fact, trans people having used discrimination laws when necessary. The bill was rightfully killed and wasn’t supposed to come back up until at least 2019 but some Republicans have decided to resurrect it in a new “gender identity” bill, House Bill 1319, based on the same exact lies.

What the supporters of the bill won’t tell voters is that what the bill really does is create special rights for some people while infringing upon the rights of others. They never tell voters that everyone already has the same protections.

Democrats and trans activists spent a lot of money and time smearing Granite Staters last year and they’ll most likely do the same thing this year, with Republicans in tow, all based on lies.

Right to Work

Unions and Democrats always fearmonger voters about Right-to-Work legislation but last year’s bill didn’t pass thanks to Republicans as well. Unfortunately for these people, their lies about RTW laws are easily debunked. It’s just that they don’t bother telling voters the truth, even though a majority of Granite Staters, including union members, want RTW in the state.

Voter Suppression

For years, Granite Staters have been complaining that they believe voters from out-of-state come to New Hampshire and vote in elections. Voters also believe that voter fraud indeed exists and they are correct. Each time Republicans have tried to shore up election laws, Democrats, the ACLU and out-of-state organizations claim they are trying to suppress voters.

They’re lying.

The only voters being suppressed are those who actually have permanent residency in the state and whose votes are suppressed by those who are only temporarily in New Hampshire but vote here regardless. They lied about Senate Bill 3 last year and they are lying about House Bill 372 this year.

There are scores of other examples but these are just a few to show how politicians and organizations from all political affiliations lie to voters whether they are for or against legislation.

If a politician lies about legislation they are trying to pass, it probably shouldn’t be passed. If a politician lies about legislation they are against, it’s probably a good piece of legislation that should be passed. It’s also okay to make a mistake, admit it, move on with the truth and inform constituents.

Voters in New Hampshire deserve to be given the facts about legislation and told the truth. The lies need to stop. Voters deserve to be treated with more respect than that from their elected officials.