NH Representative Woitkun and others targeted for ‘anti-worker freedom’ votes

Photo by Kimberly Morin

Over the past several weeks, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) of New Hampshire has been canvassing neighborhoods across the state targeting representatives who voted against ‘Right to Work’. Examiner caught up with them in Fremont where they were targeting Steven Woitkun for voting against workers’ rights and for big labor.

They are letting his constituents know that their representative isn’t voting in their best interest. Most likely this is due to Woitkun’s union ties but he isn’t representing the union while he’s in office, he’s representing his constituents. Woitkun also voted for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion re-authorization.

In an Examiner interview with Woitkun, he said the reason he voted for Medicaid Expansion was that he received calls that were 10 to 1 for re-authorizing the program. He claims to have voted how he believes his constituents wanted him to vote. Ironically, when asked if 99% of his constituents wanted him to vote for right to work, he said he couldn’t answer that question. “It would be a tough call.”

Basically, Woitkun is blowing smoke out of his behind by claiming that his vote for a massive government program that will cost his constituents millions of dollars because he claims they wanted it. Of course, if they want worker freedom, he’d have a problem voting how his constituents want. This is why it’s important to talk to your representatives. You get a true picture of them aside from how they vote.

Other representatives across the state were also targeted for their vote against worker freedom – Fred Doucette, David Pierce, Susan Emerson and Dennis Fields, just to name a few. These people are supposed to represent limited government but they hardly to that by continuing to have New Hampshire be a forced union state. They clearly don’t grasp the benefits of right-to-work states.

Examiner also interviewed AFP’s New Hampshire Director, Greg Moore:

We feel as though Right to Work legislation in New Hampshire would be adding jet fuel to the economy. It would create a specific New Hampshire advantage that no other state in the northeast has. There are 26 Right-to-Work states nationally but none of them are in the northeast. And even if a very small percentage of businesses in the northeast made that their top priority in terms of where they would move, it would be a huge benefit to our economy.

This is from the handout that AFP canvassers were leaving on doors in Danville:

Experience of States with Right to Work (RTW):

MORE Job Creation
2004-2013, RTW states added 3.6 million jobs compared to 1.5 million in forced union states

FASTER Job Growth
2004-2013, RTW states grew jobs by an average of 5.3%, twice the rate of forced union states

HIGHER Wage Growth
2002-2013, RTW states grew wages by 15.1%, compared to 8.2% in forced union states

HIGHER Manufacturing Output
2003-2013, manufacturing GDP grew by 26.1% in RTW states, compared to 13.8% in forced union states

MORE Workers
2003-2012, population in RTW states grew by 4.9 mil., compared to a loss of 4.9 mil. by forced union states

Woitkun will have at least one primary opponent this election cycle, Andy Kohlhofer of Fremont. Kohlhofer is for worker freedom and against Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. He’s also a very big proponent of local education and against Common Core. It’s unclear if there is another primary opponent yet but representatives that continue to vote against the best interests of their constituents and New Hampshire should be on the look out for actual citizens who have had enough of their bad votes.