NH Students Rally for Gun Control AND 2nd Amendment Rights

By Kimberly Morin

Today, another gun control rally was held involving students, this time students were bussed to Concord to “March on Senators.” The rally was allegedly organized by students of the “NH Social Justice League” but Granite State Progress, Moms Demand and the New Hampshire Democrat Party were all on hand.

It was an ‘interesting’ rally in which some teachers were supposed to just watch out for the kids (some were overheard pushing their propaganda) and in which others were directly involved in directing the kids to demand their own rights be taken away. It seems there is a lack of education on the Bill of Rights in schools, which was quite apparent.

Of course, not all students where there to demand the government take their protected rights away, there were some who were there to support their 2nd Amendment rights. They were conveniently being blocked by teachers posing as ‘moderators’ but lied to the kids and told them they had to be relegated to one specific spot (it wasn’t true at all; the police said no such thing).

During the event, these 2nd Amendment-supporting students were approached by reporters, bloggers and pro-gun control students. They were asked about their beliefs and what happened was far more adult than what normally happens with the shrill gun control addicts running around like banshees in the New Hampshire State House (looking at Sherry Frost, Katherine Rogers and Debra Altschiller).

These students were actually having discussions. Both sides were asking questions of each other and providing responses in a respectful manner. There was no yelling or screaming, no name calling or whining. These young adults were behaving better than the people their parents elected to represent them at the state house.

There were passionate students on both sides of the argument. It’s unfortunate some of them have teachers pushing extreme left-wing ideology rather than simply sharing facts with students and teaching them how to think critically.

It’s not clear yet who paid for the school buses that brought students to the event. It’s clear pro-gun control and extreme left-wing organizations were involved in organizing this event. Not only did they coordinate with students but they obviously coordinated with teachers and school administrators.

While this event was going on, some students from Nashua were emailing New Hampshire senators and representatives as well, pushing for gun control.

Another rally is happening at the state house tonight, this one put on by the National Educators Association.