Out-of-State Org Setting up Shop to Interfere in NH Elections

Yesterday, the out-of-state organization known as “Let America Vote” announced they will be setting up shop in New Hampshire in order to interfere with the 2018 elections.

They are an organization that is run by former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander and his wife. Their board is a “who’s who” of far-left Democrats from across the country, including Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards and former Obama White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Their tweet announcing their intentions in New Hampshire:

Let America Vote seems to be unhappy with House Bill 372, AN ACT relative to construction of the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency.”

What exactly does House Bill 372 do? It modifies the definition of residency in order to make it clear that if someone claims to be a resident of the State of New Hampshire, they are indeed an actual resident of the state.  The only changes to current law are in bold and italicized or crossed out:

1 Statutory Construction; Resident; Inhabitant.  Amend RSA 21:6 and 21:6-a to read as follows:

21:6 Resident; Inhabitant.  A resident or inhabitant or both of this state and of any city, town or other political subdivision of this state shall be a person who is domiciled or has a place of abode or both in this state and in any city, town, or other political subdivision of this state, and who has, through all of his or her actions, demonstrated a current intent to designate that place of abode as his or her principal place of physical presence [for the indefinite future] to the exclusion of all others.

21:6-a Residence.  Residence or residency shall mean a person’s place of abode or domicile.  The place of abode or domicile is that designated by a person as his or her principal place of physical presence [for the indefinite future] to the exclusion of all others.  Such residence or residency shall not be interrupted or lost by a temporary absence from it, if there is an intent to return to such residence or residency as the principal place of physical presence.

2 Effective Date.  This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.

This legislation literally only defines residency as someone who permanently lives in the Granite State. It isn’t suppressing voters. If anything, it will aid in ending the abuses by out-of-state voters from freely voting in New Hampshire elections. Recall in the last election there were thousands who voted in the state who were not actually from New Hampshire. From the Concord Patch:

On Nov. 8, 2016, 6,540 voters used an out-of-state driver’s license as identification to vote but as of Aug. 30, 2017, only 1,014 of those individuals – 15.5 percent – had been issued a New Hampshire driver’s license, according to the data. Of the remaining 5,526 individuals, only 3.3 percent – about 213 people – had a registered motor vehicle.

Let America Vote is the same organization that spread lies about Senate Bill 3 during the last election cycle:

This new “dark money” organization is claiming that SB 3 will “restrict access to the ballot box for our military.” It’s an outright lie of course, but that never stops extreme left-wing organizations from pushing their propaganda. Political Buzz previously wrote about the legislation:

A majority of Granite Staters want only actual New Hampshire residents voting in elections as well as requiring valid identification. Unfortunately, the organizations pushing against integrity of elections (several out-of-state organizations) don’t want the same integrity of the vote. These organizations are claiming that requiring valid identification is actually voter suppression. Somehow requiring an identification that people need in everyday life for everyday things is somehow suppression.

So now this out-of-state organization, who did not report there funding until July is planning on setting up shop in New Hampshire to help elect far-left wing Democrats, who don’t believe in integrity in elections. This is an organization that, according to Ballotpedia:

…can engage in campaign politics with no campaign limits, specifically supporting or opposing candidates. The group may not, however, coordinate its activities with any campaign. Let America Vote shares in the mission of the Let America Vote PAC, a federal political action committee, and the Let America Vote Victory Fund, a federal super PAC.

Not only is Let America Vote intentionally lying about election laws in New Hampshire but they plan on continuing their lies and propaganda in order to garner support for their favored Democrats during the 2018 election cycle.

Election laws should be really simple – if you are a student who pays out-of-state tuition; you can’t serve jury duty and you can’t get a New Hampshire resident pistol/revolver license, you must vote absentee where you permanently reside. This seems to be a no brainer for a majority of Granite Staters.

It’s only out-of-state organizations like Let America Vote, Priorities USA Action and local Democrat party hacks who don’t want integrity in New Hampshire elections. They also seem to think college students are too stupid to vote where they actually, permanently reside.

Granite Staters want integrity in elections. The only voter suppression that occurs in the state is when out-of-staters vote in New Hampshire, suppressing the votes of those who are permanent residents of the state with an actual vested interest in how the state is run.

Let America Vote will continue to push lies and propaganda about good legislation that is desperately needed. They will lie, like previously, about good candidates who happen to believe in voters’ rights in New Hampshire. They are an out-of-state organization that has no business interfering in Granite State elections but Democrats will welcome them with open arms and their hands out, grateful for the help they’ll receive.

UPDATE: Jason Kander actually responded to “dark money” claims. Let America Vote finally filed with the IRS in July of 2017. You can find their filings here.